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IN-49, Chesterton, IN, US

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall located at Highway 49 and Porter Ave. in Chesterton, Indiana is a small version of the National Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. and lists the names of 1,617 Indiana men and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. The names include 64 who were listed as POW or MIA. Three names have been added since the memorial was erected.

This Ninja was visiting the wall to honor those that have paid the ultimate price. He took off his pack to sit on a bench nearby the wall and left it behind by mistake. Please help him find his pack and you may receive a medal of honor.


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check_circle 1 year 3 months ago

Decided this one wasn’t too far away and a drive on my day off is never a bad thing. Glad it was still there. :)


description 1 year 3 months ago

Gave a quick look on my way to work but gotta get going before I'm too late.


publish 1 year 3 months ago