046 - OZGM Markets Night - Sapphire Mirage

GC7N7ZC Australia: OZGeomuster 2019 The Gong

Claimed by DDTs 1 year 3 months ago (2h 52m 54s since publication) · visibility Watch (0)

Campbelltown North, NSW, AU

This backpack is hidden nearby the OZGM markets night!

Find the tag and redeem for your ninja - only at the OZGM...

Hidden at base of tree


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check_circle 1 year 3 months ago · Edited 1 year 3 months ago

Stay in bed everyone - it has been claimed and is going on another trip over the water. Can’t believe we grabbed one! Ever chivalrous, T accompanied DD on this night excursion. Thanks to the hider.

Ok, now we are safely back from our nocturnal escapade, here’s the rest of the story . . . DD was up for a call of nature a few hours ago and saw the stocks tag had been published and found. She foolishly assumed all the other notifications would be outside Oz and went back to bed. Then, when T was up later she looked at her phone more carefully!!! And, off they went.


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