409 - Mayo Clinic - Quickfall

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10th Ave SW, Pill Hill, Rochester, MN, US

We all know that no matter how skilled the Ninja is, at some point they need medical attention. Well, our Ninja here likes to visit one of the world renowned facilities for health care. He is hanging out at the St Mary's campus in Rochester Mn where the Mayo brothers in 1864 started the clinic after a tornado hit the city.

This ninja stopped by for some rest and relaxation in this small city park donated by the nearby hospital. Be careful of the plants and ants nearby that will want you to be stopping in at the nearby emergency bay!


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check_circle 1 year 3 months ago

Noticed a post on FB from my local Geocaching page about Snag the Tag. I was eating breakfast about a block away and figured I would try to find it.


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