Tag: 399 - Successful Southbound Escape - Hollow Mark

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SW 325th St, Federal Way, WA, US

A ninja may utilize many methods and modes of transportation to escape a situation unnoticed. Going by road can lead to quick capture, and sometimes you must make adjustments to blend in. Though speed and stealth are key, you must sometimes slow down or even pause to remain undetected.

Elementary school nearby, where micro ninjas are still in training through the end of June, so best to keep that in mind if searching on a weekday between 8:30am-3:30pm when children are present. Backpack is hidden outside of the perimeter fencing and there is no need to enter fencing for search purposes! Additionally, pack is on school side of street and there is no need to set foot on property of neighboring residences.


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I happened to be awake when this published when I usually am not. After mulling over the decision whether or not to get out of bed at such an hour I decided that the time was right to go for it. This way I don't have to stress about finding a tag later on. Good luck to all the other finders out there and thanks to the hiders and the administrators of snagthetag.


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Found it! Claiming it after I get home.


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