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GC7N7ZC Australia: OZGeomuster 2019 The Gong

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Burelli St, Wollongong, NSW, AU

Wollongong Art Gallery, managed by Wollongong City Council, is one of the largest regional art museums in Australia. Their aim is to enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts for the people of the Illawarra and visitors to the region. Wollongong Art Gallery has an important collection of Australian, Aboriginal and Asian art. The permanent collection not only documents Illawarra regional histories and art practices, but also reflects developments and issues in art of local, national and international relevance.
There are 3 free exhibition at the gallery in July:
PIKSA NIUGINI The Portraits and Diaries of Stephen Dupont;
Derry Messum Migrations and other Journeys; and A Place to Call Home, the homes of Wollongong captured by artists both past and present.

You will find the backpack hidden in the garden out the front of the gallery. Redeem your tag at the OZGM (GC7N7ZC)!


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