Tag: 385 - A Moment of Zen in a Chaotic Canmore - Tranquil Scorpion

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5 Ave, Canmore, AB, CA

Canmore can be a bit of a zoo in the summer and sometimes a ninja needs to get away from it all and practice some zen meditation. This is a short walk from the hustle and bustle but is usually a quiet spot to reflect on the sound of one hand clapping. Watch for elk across the river on what the locals call 'Elk Island'. You are in wildlife country and bears have been spotted recently in this area. Carry spray, make noise and be aware of your surroundings!

Optional deep zen koan: What do you call the world?


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description 1 year 1 day ago

Way to go Mr. and Mrs. Mikefromcanmore! Great to run into you and start your Snag the Tag addiction!


check_circle 1 year 1 day ago

A chance encounter at the recycling depot led us to looking for this one. Such a beautiful spot.


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