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A1, Sherwood, NSW, AU


Tag at the Big Banana...


The Big Banana is a tourist attraction and amusement park in the city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. The grounds of the park are set amongst a banana plantation, featuring a large walk-through banana. Built in 1964, it was one of Australia's first Big Things.

Other attractions include a downhill toboggan ride, ice skating rink, a water park and the World of Bananas educational experience. Plantation tours are also available. On the evening of Australia Day 2014, a disused scenic lookout attraction was destroyed by fire. In keeping with the plantation theme, banana-related products are shown or sold in the park which also boasts a souvenir shop and restaurant. In January 2014, during the peak tourist season the Big Banana received close to 150,000 visitors.

Snag The Tag... The Tag is very well hidden, see attached spoiler photo. You will find it next to a stump of Palm Tree, under a rock. What will also help, is the stump has a piece of machinery attached to it. It is located on a walkway under the fly over walkway. Muggles Galore...


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To explain how quickly I found it, I was driving home from a Mega event and getting kind of bored of music and thought wait Seemyshell did a Podcast at Mega, pulled off to find said Podcast, saw this post, went forget podcast let’s go and actually had heart attack as muggles were standing at the spot, but they moved on and yayy I had backpack in hand. Half hour later, no find, good music no find, yayy I got it.


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How lucky I was driving into Coffs when this was posted.


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