217 - Monument Hill - Graceful Warden

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E 2nd Ave, DuBois, PA, US

The ninja climbed the hill to get a better view of the town. When he tried to get a closer look at the monument his pack snagged on something and he had to leave it behind. Look for clues that may or may not be in each photo to help you find the pack. "X" marks the spot! Good Luck finding the ninjas backpack.


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description 2 years 6 months ago

CONGRATS TyroneShoelaces Loved the story of the journey behind the find. ๐Ÿ‘


check_circle 2 years 6 months ago

Awesome, I can't believe I got one! I was on a cache run from home in Cleveland to Youngstown when I saw this tag had been published. Since I was that far east already, what's another 95 miles?

The whole way here I kept refreshing the page to make sure it had not yet been claimed. Then when I got close to the hiding spot there were two teens on bikes here with their phones in their hands. I was so scared I had come all this way to miss by a few minutes.

But as I approached, they left and I saw the X on the ground. I was so happy to find the ninja's backpack safely hidden.

Awesome view of the city up here, a great place to hide the backpack. Thanks so much!


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