Tag: 215 - Take me out to the Ball game, Take me out to the park! - Darkblade

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Sunflower Dr, DuBois, PA, US

The Ninja while attempting to take in his first ball game made his way to the stands. Before he could make it he spotted a couple players swinging bats and heading his way. They looked like they meant business. He ducked under the bridge nearby in his attempt to get away, but seemed that his backpack was caught on something so he decided to leave it behind. Please help the Ninja retrieve his back pack.


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description 7 months 1 week ago

CONGRATS rpjjpr on your find! :)


check_circle 7 months 1 week ago

I knew I was in the right area but I was having trouble making the snag. I took my ball cap off and that was just enough to let me spot it where I had looked before. Must have thought I was one of those ballplayer things, lol. Thanks for my first snag!


publish 7 months 1 week ago