Tag: 183 - Playground Ninja - Crouching Dragon

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Park Ave, Lima, OH, US

Hiding in a small park in Lafayette, Ohio this Ninja stays hidden while the children are at play. Often, he gets the playground all to himself. There are birthday parties and other celebrations in the building he guards. This ninja loves to sneak inside while no one is looking and see what kind of snacks he can get his hands on. When he sneaks off, you can usually find his backpack hanging on a door frame on the backside of the building overlooking his favorite slide.


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check_circle 7 months 1 week ago

After a drive from Michigan, very happy to see the Backpack still here ๐Ÿ˜€ And very glad to see the Dairy Haus open on our way out of town ๐Ÿ˜ Thank you very much to the hider of this Tag!!


cancel 7 months 1 week ago

Looks like it's been picked up so taking it off the map. Finder, please claim it!


description 7 months 1 week ago

Happy to see the Backpack was still watching over the slide


description 7 months 1 week ago ยท Edited 7 months 1 week ago

Didn't think this backpack would still be available after returning to southern Michigan. Making the drive in buckeye land and maybe we can make the Snag in a few


description 7 months 2 weeks ago

I just have too much to do in the next few days to make a trip from Toledo to get it. I will check to see if someone got it on the next day I have enough time to attempt it. I found an apprentice months ago, so I would be happy if another person finds this master.


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