160 - Jade Strike Takes a Hike - Hidden Lion

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NW Military Hwy, Far North Central, San Antonio, TX, US

Ninjas "Nurple, Blizzard, Uggible, and Pinkles accompanied Jade Strike for this hide and along the way they found a heart shaped rock.

Your best bet is to explore the North West Posts beneath the deck of the viewing tower to find the "Heart" shaped rock which holds the clue to the back pack hidden during this momentous hike.

This hide is not available to find 24/7. Please follow park hours guidelines. Take plenty of Water for your Hike. Plan on enough time to get up there to the location and enjoy the view.

This park has many trails. There are trail maps available at the trail head location.


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check_circle 2 years 6 months ago

Beautiful hike this am to make the find.


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