Tag: 142 - Master Mission #MUN142 - Elegant Hunter

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Lake Ave, Charlotte, Rochester, NY, US

Do you want to be an Urban Ninja?

Do you think you have the skills needed?

Prove yourself.

This master level mission will test your skills.

In order to retrieve the hidden package, you will need to blend in and not be seen by the Urban Muggles.

Be the first one there and prove to the others that you do have the skills to become an Urban Ninja.

This is mission #3 of 4 and only one mission per household is allowed.

Hint: No pictures to help you this time. Corner SPOR


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Death Walker

check_circle 8 months 3 weeks ago

Saw a post about it being out. Knowing the area very well, figured the best time to grab is before people go to the beach. Had to wait for a couple people to leave. Found it with ease. Thanks


publish 8 months 3 weeks ago