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The Back Walk, Scotland, GB

Stirling Castle is a must see when in town. But when your live here, it’s just another place for people to get in your way. So, make your way to the top of this lookout and have a sit down for a few and look at the history that's around you. Not only are there names of fallen soldiers, but mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that have a story of they own. This is a resting place for the living and the dead. Once you are rested up, you need to find the Ninja backpack that has been laid to rest here too. Look at the photos and you will see two yellow flowers that have been placed on the grave of this Ninja’s backpack. You must reunite the brave Ninja with his backpack long lost in the heat of battle. If you can do this, then you are truly a Master Ninja.


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Grabbed after a non geocaching event in Alloa. Will probably pass it on.


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