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002 - little Ninja - Silver Fall

K70, Glees, RP, DE

Claimed by clappy 8 months 2 days ago (5d 9h 20m 32s since publication)

I learned just recently about Snag The Tag. I found two on the map nearby. Today I decided to try my luck first at Maria Laach, and then in Bonn as backup. Glad I did this one first, because when I checked about the Bonn one it was just grabbed.

The little ninja's backpack now travels from Laacher See to near Rheinbach.

003 - Ninja´s Zengarden - Masked Jackal

Petra-Kelly-Allee, BN, NRW, DE

Claimed by PE1NZM 8 months 2 days ago (4d 7h 51m 22s since publication)

Just recently, I learned about STT. But in NL they are usually claimed in less than 2 hours after publish. Then I saw this one on the map in Germany. I thought that driving 200 kilometers was a bit too much, but today I had to pick up some stuff in Venlo. The backpack had been there for more than four days. And how long can a Ninja survive without water? So I took the chance and I’ve got him.

005 - NINJA am Kurpark

Fürstenstraße, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, BY, DE location_on N 47 29.693, E 011 05.293

Bergwanden, Skifahren, Skispringen, relaxen, in diesem Ort ist alles möglich.

Dieser Ninja hält sich für eine erholsame Pause unter einer Holzschindel an der Außenseite der Mauer vom Kurpark versteckt. Sieh genau hin, bevor du ihn vosichtig heraus ziehst.

Hiking to the mounten, skiing, ski jumping, relax, everything is possible in this town.

This ninja is hiding under a wooden shingle on the outside of the wall of the park. Look carefully before you pull it right out.

006 - Wismar-Ninja - Phantom Moon

Ernst-Scheel-Straße, Hohenkirchen, MV, DE

Claimed by Peacy 7 months 2 weeks ago (14d 13h 45m 26s since publication)

Flux entdeckt den kleinen Tag😅

Thx und Lieben Gruß vom 🕊Peacy🕊

008 - Lagerhalle Feldkirchen - Redclaw

Raiffeisenstraße, Vaterstetten, BY, DE

Claimed by echinger4 7 months 1 week ago (1d 13h 58m 17s since publication)

Gefunden 😊 Danke dafür

009 - Old paper factory - Muzzled Beast

St2339, Dachau, BY, DE

Claimed by GC-Sonja 7 months 2 weeks ago (9h 19m 53s since publication)

WOW!!! Don‘t even think about it!! HAPPY!!!

Hätte nicht gedacht, dass es klappt. MEGA-HAPPY!!!

011 - Anker von Bremen / anchor of Bremen - Argent Fire

Hünertshagen, Bremen, HB, DE

Claimed by Magic Heinz 7 months 1 week ago (5h 50m 15s since publication)

While having breakfast 60 km away from Bremen, I got a push to search for an anchor. I did and was successful. Happy Heinzi

There is a magic sailing ship named „Schulschiff Deutschland“ near the donated anchor. Its a nice place. Since today a little more nice :-)

012 - Food for fighting - Scarlet Fall

Measham Pl, Hawthorn, VIC, AU

Claimed by DIRTBAGS AUS 7 months 1 week ago (2h 57m 42s since publication)

Working in the local area in the freezing rain when this notification came through, I was surprised it was still there at smoko time

017 - Gleis 101 - Sapphire Watcher

Bahnsteig A Gleis 1, A, BY, DE

Claimed by Team EDMA 7 months 1 week ago (10m 30s since publication)

Yeaah...after work

018 - Jesuskreuz - Golden Saw

Oberer Schleisweg, A, BY, DE

Claimed by Wetterputzer 7 months 1 week ago (11m 52s since publication)

On Tour with EDMA

020 - Wallfahrtskirche Maria Straßengel - Death Claw

Am Kirchberg, Judendorf-Straßengel, Steiermark, AT

Claimed by Nessie666 8 months 2 weeks ago (13h 9m 56s since publication)

After a long day at work I tried my luck if the Tag will be still there. And I am very happy, it was still there :) Thanks a lot!

021 - Jamal Theron Zamser Bach Stone table - Bronze Cipher

Pfitscherjoch Trail 524, Finkenberg, Tirol, AT

Claimed by MischuX 8 months 1 week ago (17h 25m 8s since publication)

Heute ging es in die Berge, besser gesagt von Österreich nach Italien. Auf dem Weg über das Pfitscher Joch kamen wir an einem rituellen Platz voller Magie vorbei. Sensei lehrte uns den Moment zu genießen und daraus die Energie für den weiteren Weg zu generieren. Nach der mentalen Stärkung ging es mit schwerem Rucksack weiter bis zum höchsten Punkt des Passes.

023 - Ninja - Heimoburg - Masked Saber

Schlossbergstraße, Hainburg an der Donau, Lower Austria, AT

Claimed by vyktor_lyzenzky 7 months 2 weeks ago (35d 9h 40m 29s since publication)

today on tour with a friend. he told me that there is a ninja waiting for over a month to be rescued. so we went up the hill to the castle ruin and rescued the poor ninjas backpack. easy found, but the way up......

thanks to Hatamoto-Skyks for hiding this great piece of fun here in austria!

greets from minsk vyktor

024 - Ninja - T-34/85 - Rapid Hunter

B10, Burgenland, AT

Claimed by JOGRA-01 8 months 1 week ago (10d 8h 10m 1s since publication)

Thank you very much for this nice tag. JOGRA-01

026 - VOTIVE CHURCH - Steel Scar

Rooseveltplatz, Wien, AT

Claimed by Kaydekay 8 months 2 days ago (1d 7h 57m 4s since publication)

Whoo hoo!!! Got while on a study abroad trip!! Thanks!!

027 - NINJA@Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien - Scarlet Snake

Wien, Vienna, AT

Claimed by Icefroggy68 7 months 1 day ago (11d 7h 2m 16s since publication)

Today I found this tag during a visit at Vienna Thanks for hiding. I'm very glad that I found it.

029 - altes Kloster - Tranquil Drake

Lange Wieren, Bremen, HB, DE

Claimed by Zarah77 7 months 1 week ago (4d 15h 42m 6s since publication)

Sorry für den verspäteten Log... und vielen Dank für den Rucksack.

030 - Ottjen Alldag - Shrouded Mark

Schnoor, Bremen, HB, DE

Claimed by porschers 7 months 2 weeks ago (2h 42m 10s since publication)

Jetzt habe ich ihn Dank Hilfe gut gefunden er hängt wohl mal oben und jetzt ist er runtergefallen und hat es sich so blöd versteckt dass nur zwei Cacher ihn wiederfinden könnten

032 - Ninja by the water - Steel Drake

Ulevannsveien, Buskerud, NO

Claimed by Pantertante 8 months 3 weeks ago (7h 3m 17s since publication)

Juhuu! 😊🌞

033 - Ninja at the race track - Masked Striker

Fv37, Drammen, Buskerud, NO

Claimed by teambernås 7 months 1 week ago (17h 0m 54s since publication)

Greit funnet på en liten kveldstur i det flotte været!

035 - The Sepulchral Chapel of the Grand Duchy- Grabkapelle Karlsruhe - Lightning Flash

Klosterweg, Karlsruhe, BW, DE

Claimed by HJThom 7 months 3 weeks ago (8h 5m 32s since publication)

Heyyy Ninnnnjjaaa 🤟

036 - Schloss Gottesaue, Karlsruhe, Germany - Scarlet Hunter

Am Schloss Gottesaue, Karlsruhe, BW, DE

Claimed by 036-5ER 7 months 4 weeks ago (12h 27m 49s since publication)

Thanks for all. Nice place.

037 - The 6 Daughters of the West Wind - Silver Rain

Dave Walsh Track, North Wollongong, NSW, AU

Claimed by Loci612 7 months 2 weeks ago (52m 47s since publication)

Gate is locked, drive around further and climbed 600m through the dark, soaking wet bush. Slippery as hell but made it to snag the tag!

Thanks :)

038 - Life Guard Tower - Wollongong City Beach - Godfoot

Hector St, Wollongong, NSW, AU

Claimed by Runawayz 7 months 2 weeks ago (1d 1h 49m 35s since publication)

I attended yesterday as you can see from my initial post. As i stated then I just needed to catch up with SeabreezeOz before I could log it properly. Such a great spot.

039 - Wollongong Art Gallery - Dark Samaritan

Burelli St, Wollongong, NSW, AU

Claimed by sharkiefan 7 months 2 weeks ago (12h 8m 42s since publication)

This tag is now in my hands and claimed. After the initial finder realised there was a 1 tag rule they contacted me and I was able to collect it.

040 - Breakwater Lighthouse - Silent Whisper

Endeavour Dr, Wollongong, NSW, AU

Claimed by FUF009 7 months 2 weeks ago (1d 23h 12m 12s since publication)

Picked up

041 - The Wesley Uniting Church - "The Church on the Mall" - Crouching Crane

Crown St, Wollongong, NSW, AU

Claimed by The_Tritonz 7 months 2 weeks ago (8h 30m 5s since publication)

Found while attending the OZGEOMUSTER

042 - Australiana Village - Cataract Scout Park - Thunder Flash

Crabtree Drive, Campbelltown North, NSW, AU

Claimed by JACS Team 7 months 2 weeks ago (1h 22m 19s since publication)

Well this is an awesome reward for not being able to sleep. Figured this would be the easiest to find in the dark as I had only stumbled upon this area finishing off the zombie lab in the afternoon. Quick walk up from my cabin and it was mine.

043 - Kirrawee District Entrance - Crimson Wolf

Campbelltown North, NSW, AU

Claimed by Geomonster10 7 months 2 weeks ago (8h 3m 14s since publication)


044 - Blindfold Maze - Hellish Blizzard

Campbelltown North, NSW, AU

Claimed by nicolebr76gal 7 months 2 weeks ago (7h 15m 47s since publication)

Found whilst attending the OZGeomuster The Gong 2019

045 - Scout Records - Mystic Sword

Campbelltown North, NSW, AU

Claimed by Jusojara 7 months 2 weeks ago (7h 16m 39s since publication)

Attending the Oz Geomuster and after making my morning coffee checked the app and saw this was still unfound. I made a quick dash up and there it was. Thanks

046 - OZGM Markets Night - Sapphire Mirage

Campbelltown North, NSW, AU

Claimed by DDTs 7 months 2 weeks ago (2h 52m 54s since publication)

Stay in bed everyone - it has been claimed and is going on another trip over the water. Can’t believe we grabbed one! Ever chivalrous, T accompanied DD on this night excursion. Thanks to the hider.

Ok, now we are safely back from our nocturnal escapade, here’s the rest of the story . . . DD was up for a call of nature a few hours ago and saw the stocks tag had been published and found. She foolishly assumed all the other notifications would be outside Oz and went back to bed. Then, when T was up later she looked at her phone more carefully!!! And, off they went.

048 - Das Betonschiff - Hollow Scar


Claimed by Muckl 22 + Frost 7 months 2 weeks ago (8h 31m 21s since publication)

😀 dieser kleine Kämpfer wird bei mir sehr gut aufgehoben sein 😀

049 - Schloss Schwerin - Ghostcrash

Lennéstraße, SN, MV, DE

Claimed by ccc aR 7 months 2 weeks ago (13h 38m 25s since publication)

Schwerin ist eine super geile Stadt. Mehr Glück als.... Von hier hat man eine super Aussicht auf den See. Das wird uns in bester Erinnerung bleiben. 😍

051 - NINJA TOWER - Crusading Puncher

Mozartstraße, Hildesheim, NDS, DE

Claimed by Manituela 8 months 6 days ago (3h 15m 42s since publication)

I checked my emails in the morning and there was a Ninja Tag realse in the homezone. I went to work and sent my husband out for searching. A very quite nice Location.

Thanks from Manuela and Matthias hometown Braunschweig

052 - A Ninja`s Prayer - Metal Bat

Von-Eltz-Platz, Cologne, NRW, DE

Claimed by Na+To 7 months 2 weeks ago (13h 49m 27s since publication)

We moved into another homezone, a few weeks ago. But I'm still working in the old one, close to the hiding place of this Ninja. So today it was my cell that was ringing, when the tag appeared on the map. Because my little tag-huntress was about 50km away and I was not even 5. She said "go, get it, please", and I said "naaaaa". Then she replied "pleeeease", like only women can do. I rolled eyes, like she could see me do, through the phone, answered with a clear "grhmph!" and started the engine of my 12t truck, 'cause I've already switched cars, and drove through the beginning rush hour, to claim that Ninja backpack. No need to tell, there certainly was no fitting parking space for a 9m tag-snagger-mobile. No problem. Hazard lights. Great invention! Another 80m to go, a little bit of searching... gotcha! There it was. Unfortunately it was a very long day at work. That's why I wasn't able to claim it earlier this day. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to the kindly hider.

054 - Ninja drinks beer - Snow Blade

B55, Cologne, NRW, DE

Claimed by Reiseschaf 7 months 2 weeks ago (9m 48s since publication)

I have been at this event and I got the publish from the snag. Aaaah, let's go and look for it. But where it is? Oh, we have to ask someone? Okay, let's go back inside and ask the employees. But they didn't know what we have meant. Oh, what is this? Aaaah, I have found it! Yeah! Thanks for this fun!

055 - NINJA CASTLE - Golden Strike

Starkenburgweg, Heppenheim (Bergstraße), HE, DE

Claimed by Joskaranch 8 months 4 days ago (2d 12h 44m 40s since publication)

Da habe ich mich extra zur Starkenburg aufgemacht, um dieses mysteriösen Tag zu finden. Vielen Dank fürs Herführen!

057 - Ninja's Buzzard - Silent Watcher

Koppelpoort, Dronten, FL, NL

Claimed by mamavan5 7 months 1 week ago (18m 16s since publication)


058 - Blackberry Bush Ninja - Quiet Saber

De Kil, Swifterbant, FL, NL

Claimed by the_12th_man 7 months 1 week ago (2h 7m 41s since publication)

Oeps, moet hem dan wel claimen 🙈

060 - Ninja in The Tree - Agile Demon

Dierensteinweg, Barendrecht, ZH, NL

Claimed by Thobias010 7 months 2 weeks ago (2h 12m 53s since publication)

Dit jaar ook eens mee doen met de Snag the Tag ninja race, melding aan en rustig afwachten.

Vanochtend was 't dan zo ver! De wekker gaat af, ehhhh nee da's geen wekker - dat is de telefoon!! OPSTAAN OPSTAAN OPSTAAN EN KOFFIE OVERSLAAN! Een snag the tag om de hoek online! En nu eentje op rijd-afstand!

Snel de pagina gelezen, hengel gelukkig al paraat - en rijden maar. Op locatie toch nog wel even flink staan zoeken en als ik 'm dan spot komt er nog een zoeker aanlopen :)

Hebbus! Gaaf!! Legger bedankt!

En dan nu wel tijd voor koffie hahaha

061 - Ninja bij de waai van Bosman - Justice Crash

Lijkweg, Loo, GE, NL

Claimed by Mr. Maniac 8 months 2 weeks ago (2h 25m 56s since publication)

Ja hoor! Er ligt er eentje hier in de buurt. 20 minuten rijden. Zal ik wel of niet dochterlief wakker maken? Want het is al bijna twee uur later dat deze is gepubliceerd. Al wel een reactie gelezen van iemand die misschien van plan is om te gaan kijken. In dubio: wel of niet gaan?!

5 minuten later zitten we allebei aangekleed in de auto onderweg naar Loo. Eenmaal aangekomen op locatie weet dochterlief dankzij de hint de Ninja rugzak snel te vinden. Hatseflats! Wat een samenwerking! Boks!

063 - The Ninja that likes Het Veluwemeer - Loblow Warrior

Bremerbergdijk, Biddinghuizen, FL, NL

Claimed by Marthijn. 8 months 2 weeks ago (1d 14h 53m 23s since publication)

Lang getwijfeld, maar na een aardige bui onderweg toch het ruime sop gekozen, met succes!

064 - The Ninja that likes water - Crimson Eyes

N306, Dronten, FL, NL

Claimed by de Slakkenprakkers 8 months 3 weeks ago (1h 37m 0s since publication)

Fiund it on the Drontermeer today

066 - SS Rotterdam - Deathstrike

3e Katendrechtse Hoofd, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Claimed by BløfDuck 8 months 1 week ago (1h 16m 25s since publication)

On the way to work just read the email...

A tag nearby ok let's try

067 - Ninja supplies - Thin Lion

Vlietlaan, Ridderkerk, ZH, NL

Claimed by rockhappynl 7 months 2 weeks ago (3h 4m 25s since publication)

Got it!

069 - Amsterdam centraal station - Tranquil Shade

Amsterdam, NH, NL

Claimed by Wild Family 8 months 2 weeks ago (13h 1m 56s since publication)

Got it!!!! Onze tweede Snag The Tag gevonden.

Vanochtend toen ik wakker werd zag ik op mijn gsm dat nr 069 uitgekomen is.

Nu had ik afgesproken met mijzelf om deze serie aan mij voorbij te laten gaan. Maar het blijft kriebelen en in mijn hoofd zitten.

Ik laat het aan Patrick zien, maar hij wil eerst op verjaardag. Tijdens de verjaardag bleef ik maar checken en afvragen waarom het nog niet gevonden is.

Patrick had het over Snag The Tag tegen zijn "neefje" en Wesley hoort alleen: "gaan we snacken"? Ik heb wel zin in een Kaassouflee. 😂

Na 11,5 uur wachten en opweg naar huis, rijden we naar het IJ-pontje. Daar zet Patrick mij en de kids af. Wij gaan met het pontje over en komen bijna op het nulpunt aan.

We vliegen naar boven en treffen daar twee beveiligers aan. Sjips... en nu??? Door een zetje van Joey loop ik erop af en leg uit wat ik zoek en of ik mag kijken. Zijn antwoord was duidelijk: Nee je mag niet.... Maar ik wel. Ik zet mijn vrolijkste gezicht op en vraag of hij voor mij wil kijken. Na 7 borden checken heeft hij niets gevonden.

We gaan naar beneden om te kijken waar hij wel zit. Omdat niemand de Tag nog geclaimd had, moest hij er gewoon nog zijn. Daar zien wij m. En lopen weer naar boven. Ik loop weer op de beveiliger af en vertel dat hij echt zit achter het eerste bord en dat hij geplakt zit met ductape.

Hij gaat nogmaals kijken en jahoor we hebben m! Ik moet wel beloven dat ik in mijn log vertel dat dit een verboden, gevaarlijke ninja-actie was.

Vol euforie lopen we weer terug naar het pontje. En rijden we naar huis. Ik wil snel claimen, loggen en tijdens het bijvoegen van de foto's stopt mijn telefoon en verdwijnt mijn log. Vandaar deze late log.

Bedankt voor deze mooie Tag! Hij staat mooi bij onze Urban Ninja (Apprentice) van Feb 15 - Apr 1 En bedankt voor het verstoppen.

070 - Station Muziekwijk - Still Phoenix

Bartokweg, Almere, FL, NL

Claimed by AlexAMTS 8 months 2 weeks ago (1h 22m 21s since publication)

Nice one. Direct on route home/work Thanks for hiding

072 - station duivendrecht - Mysterious Knife

Stationsplein, Duivendrecht, NH, NL

Claimed by Heracross 8 months 3 weeks ago (1h 31m 15s since publication)

Ik was nog met de ochtendroutine bezig: ontbijt, toilet, make-up.... Dus maar even het tempo opgevoerd en vlot naar GZ. Ter plekke bleek de klim geen probleem. Easy find


073 - Station Amsterdam Centraal - Sapphire Rain

De Ruijterkade, Amsterdam, NL

Claimed by goldfish72 8 months 22 hours ago (3h 22m 55s since publication)

Vandaag toen ik wakker werd zag ik dat er weer 1 op het Centraal station lag.
De vorige keer dat er hier een lag zaten wij in frankrijk. Dus hadden we geen kans. Nu in de herhaling. En dit keer hebben we hem wel gevonden.

Today when I woke up I saw that there was another one at the Central station. The last time we had one here we were in France. So we had no chance. Now in the repeat. And this time we found him.

Team Goldfish72

075 - Ninja Mail - Red Dragon

Hasselt, Flanders, BE

Claimed by Sproet1957 7 months 2 weeks ago (9h 15m 20s since publication)

Na weken de post goed in de gaten houden. Vandaag was het eindelijk bingo. Volgens mij de eerste in België. Een klein half uurtje van mijn huis. Me happy :)

076 - Gone Bridge Casarza

Via Tangoni, Casarza Ligure, Liguria, IT location_on N 44 16.411, E 009 27.995

Where is the bridge ? Who needs a bridge when being a Ninja .... Use your skills to claim this one. Happy Hunting !

078 - The Box

Jeugdstraat, Hasselt, Flanders, BE location_on N 50 56.779, E 005 20.741

You are in front of the FrogfooT1 home. Do not worry ... Use your Ninja skills to claim this one... Happy Hunting !

079 - The Canal - Death Blade

Simpernelstraat, Hasselt, Flanders, BE

Claimed by Fieldi 7 months 2 weeks ago (1h 44m 47s since publication)

Well Found this early morning

081 - Bijna een Lost place. - Golden Scythe

Parallelweg, Emmen, DR, NL

Claimed by Marielle 8 months 1 week ago (3h 7m 7s since publication)

Gevonden! Jaren hier in de oude dierentuin gewerkt en toen ik vanochtend zag dat deze online was gekomen, moest ik hier wel naar toe! Helemaal blij!

082 - Urban ? - Silver Blade

Marledijk, Marle, Overste, NL

Claimed by Mir1199 8 months 1 week ago (2h 9m 4s since publication)

Yes, na gisteren pech in Amsterdam door er net naast te zitten, hebben wij hem nu gevonden. Na wat ninja capriolen uit gehaald te hebben, een boel paardjes tegengekomen, zijn we eindelijk op de plaatst waar de ninja zijn rugzak verstopt zou moeten hebben. Even zoeken en we hebben hem in handen.

084 - The Oldehove - Spinning Vengeance

Oldehoofsterkerkhof, Leeuwarden, FR, NL

Claimed by Turbomiba 8 months 2 weeks ago (50m 58s since publication)

Deze tag gevonden op weg naar mijn werk

085 - De pijp - Bronze Wanderer

Moleneind Noordzijde, Drachten, FR, NL

Claimed by Klungelsmurf 7 months 3 weeks ago (56m 28s since publication)


087 - Ninja's journey at "De Sasbrug" - Sanguine Stalker

Sasweg, Oldetrijne, FR, NL

Claimed by Sjouke789 7 months 1 week ago (34m 46s since publication)

Na een turbulente week, met een traan, wilde ik gisterochtend mijn zinnen al verzetten door een tag iit Bremen te halen. Maar vrijdagavond werd deze geclaimd.

Nadat het gisteravond niet laat geworden was hoorde ik mijn telefoon net na 06.00 uur...nieuwe tag op plm. 30 minuten rijden. Tussen alle muggen vond ik de tag!

088 - Urban Ninja's very crowded place - Jade Slinger

Zuiderstraat, Zeijen, DR, NL

Claimed by geomonden 8 months 2 weeks ago (1h 0m 19s since publication)

Fond it in a very nice place Thanks

090 - Some Gave All - Sniping Shadow

IN-49, Chesterton, IN, US

Claimed by spider16 7 months 1 week ago (9h 30m 53s since publication)

Decided this one wasn’t too far away and a drive on my day off is never a bad thing. Glad it was still there. :)

091 - Brick House - Red Moon

IN-55, Winfield, IN, US

Claimed by Butterflytat 7 months 1 week ago (3h 41m 50s since publication)

Saw this and another one close to my house publish this morning! Grabbed my coffee to go and off I went. Tried to grab the one closer to my house and saw it was found when I was halfway there so I changed directions and went for this one! Was totally surprised when it was still there! I finally got one!!!

093 - Le Ninja de l'usine - Vigorous Vadi

D83, Notre-Dame-de-Riez, Pays de la Loire, FR

Claimed by Moustic41 7 months 3 weeks ago (2h 55m 54s since publication)

Yeah, coucou l'ami Lampay ! En vacances aux Sables-d'Olonne, je fais un petit détour de 35 min afin de me rendre du camping jusqu'au spot de ce Tag. Trouvé à 20h15. Merci beaucoup pour la découverte de ce nouveau petit jeu bien sympa. A bientôt. Grég

094 - Le Ninja danse à la salle des fêtes - Unmoving Drake

Rue Saint-Christophe, Soullans, Pays de la Loire, FR

Claimed by Artichou&chouquette 7 months 3 weeks ago (16h 2m 33s since publication)

Reveil à 8h30, il paraît que personne n'a encore trouvé le deuxième sacs, alors je saute dans la geomobile.

Après une petite heure de route, je me la joue Ninja sur le parking de la salle des fêtes car il y a des préparatifs en cours. Et hop, le petit sac m'attend sagement!

Merci Lampay pour ces premiers Snag the tag français 😊

096 - The Eagle has Landed - Flying Dragon

US-395, Clayton, WA, US

Claimed by Pbrjwin 7 months 2 weeks ago (1h 37m 12s since publication)

Luckily I was off today and snagged this! Thanks to all the hiders!

097 - Ninja Farmer - Rapid Blade

S Electric St, Cheney, WA, US

Claimed by happyhunter12 7 months 1 week ago (2h 41m 41s since publication)

This popped up a couple hours ago so hurried to go get it. Great place. No one around yet. Sorry for the lag in time, got home to grandson needing breakfast.

099 - Bienvenue – Welcome to Discovery Harbour - Iron Watcher

Jury Dr, Penetanguishene, ON, CA

Claimed by Ranger519 8 months 1 week ago (5d 15h 9m 32s since publication)

Found in Penetag.

100 - Not Mythological! - White Reflection

Sir Frederick Banting Rd, Alliston, New Tecumseth, ON, CA

Claimed by SageAMunster 8 months 2 weeks ago (1d 3h 30m 32s since publication)

Know the area well. Work just up the road. So I thought I would grab it before my shift. The 2 spot lights were blinding. Had my flash light but didn't really need it. I love TBs. Saw this thru Geocaching group of Ontario. Thanks for the hide. 1st time doing this Urban Ninja still figuring it out.

102 - Game of Thrones in Glass - Crimson Mind

Queens Rd, Belfast, Northern Ireland, GB

Claimed by id_unknown 8 months 2 days ago (11h 4m 55s since publication)

Just happen to be in the area so stopped off for a look

103 - Wind Up at the Harbour - Black Dagger

Parade, GB

Claimed by ulsterlatinos 8 months 1 week ago (1d 3h 10m 59s since publication)

Not much danger of me making it out to this one but luckily a local gangmaster offered to dispatch one of his workers to hunt on my behalf. And so on a wet (and no doubt windy) evening the poor girl was left to hoke and re-hoke and re-hoke but to no avail. Even when on the brink of exhaustion and in danger of collapsing into the sea never to be seen again final instructions (and no doubt threats) were issued for a pre-retreat search and lo and behold the tage was located. Happy to have the tag but just want to be clear that I take no responsibility for said gangmaster's actions...

105 - Sam(urai) Thompson Bridge - Deadly Knife

Airport Rd, Northern Ireland, GB

Claimed by cep99 8 months 5 days ago (2d 9h 23m 14s since publication)

Thanks to killyman1 for alerting me to this, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue!

106 - Ninja Training in Woodlands Park - Thin Spider

Homestead Track, Greenvale, VIC, AU

Claimed by louiseann 7 months 4 weeks ago (14h 18m 45s since publication)

May apologises for the late log, but on the plus side my new nbn modem appear to be working a treat!! I was in the local area dropping past the airport. While waiting, I noticed this appear not too far away. What an opportunity!!

I was familiar with the area, having found 100 cache in the park a few years ago. I was able to approach the hide with bright sun, despite the cold! Not being a 100% sure what I as looking for, I hunted with caution before making the find!

Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity! I hope this is the start of a trend

108 - Wheel Hub - Swift Crash

W Historic Rte 66, Kingman, AZ, US

Claimed by MANNFAM 7 months 4 weeks ago (1d 16h 1m 44s since publication)

Found it. Having a hard time finding out what to do with it.

109 - Brown Bench - Phantom Eye

Cathedral Pl, Pojoaque, NM, US

Claimed by The6thHobbit 7 months 3 weeks ago (2d 3h 23m 48s since publication)

It helps to have a wide-ranging network of minions, spies, and assorted n'er do-gooders. I live in Oklahoma, and though I am planning a trip to see friends in Albuquerque (and was going to make a go for this) this weekend, I have been burned waiting to make runs on closer backpacks. So, I made a call to a trusted, muggle henchman who lived nearby who kindly gave up time and gas to make the grab.

Many thanks-- grabbing this from my "home" state, the Land of Enchantment, means A LOT!

110 - Mustang Jamboree - Quick Eye

Briargate Pkwy, Briargate, Colorado Springs, CO, US

Claimed by Qaz 7 months 3 weeks ago (10h 23m 46s since publication)

What a awesome day to run out of work to snag my first snagthetag. Thanks for hiding this one on such a wonderful day!

112 - Code Ninjas! - Silver Saw

Sandy, UT, US

Claimed by Nyjfan 7 months 2 weeks ago (10h 51m 2s since publication)

Finally got one

113 - Ninja choices! - Thunder Stroke

Tooele, UT, US

Claimed by Hatebnslow 8 months 1 day ago (9h 22m 17s since publication)

Yay! Snagged a close one to home!

114 - Secret Ninja Training Grounds - Smiling Shade

E Cottonwood Pkwy, Cottonwood Heights, UT, US

Claimed by KiltClan 8 months 2 weeks ago (6h 7m 2s since publication)

Got home after a long night at work, was getting ready for bed and scrolling through my feed and saw that this was published this morning. Checked to see if it was claimed yet and wasn't, so got ready and headed out. Practically parked right in top of it, but misremembered where the coords led and went on a bit of a wild goose chase before ending back up where I started. A few non-ninjas in the area so had to be super stealthy. Was able to spot the backpack and made the grab. Been watching for one close to home and was happy to make the find today!

115 - Ninja Warehouse - Deadly Basilisk

Layton Ave, Glendale, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Justjustin 7 months 1 week ago (5d 5h 11m 24s since publication)

Got it

117 - Hayden Fry statue - Sonic

1st Ave, Coralville, IA, US

Claimed by croling 7 months 3 weeks ago (2h 1m 7s since publication)

Go Hawks! I saw this tag pop up and I immediately knew this location. I stopped by on my way to work and made the quick find!

118 - Ninjas like coffee too! - Flying Blaze

Cedar Rapids, IA, US

Claimed by Belletw77 7 months 1 week ago (3h 13m 0s since publication)

Woot woot!!

Grabbed this guy as soon as the store opened!! Thanks for placing!!

120 - Buddha Ninja - Silent Strike

SE 15th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, FL, US

Claimed by radioman 7 months 3 weeks ago (8h 33m 44s since publication)

Snagged the tag while dodging the landscapers Thanks for the fun

121 - Camo Ninja - Jade Shadow

N Federal Hwy, Victoria Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Claimed by mosquimoyo 8 months 4 days ago (4h 12m 51s since publication)

Ha!!!! Ha!!!!!!!!

Mine!!!!! Mine!!!!!! Mine!!!!!!!

More in a little..... got to drive back and continue earthly responsibilities; but, loved the “break” this nice and kind Ninja shared with me this AM.....

122 - Working on a bonsai - Invisible Star

NW 10th Ave, Oakland Park, FL, US

Claimed by ikolor 7 months 3 weeks ago (3h 20m 45s since publication)

Saw this new publication. So, I left early for the office. Slight detour to check out the bonsais and snag the tag. Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

125 - A ninja has to fly - Steel Claw

W Perimeter Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Claimed by Jbean2921 7 months 1 week ago (9h 34m 48s since publication)

Yay! I am so excited to finally find out!! Thank you for hiding 😃

126 - Serenity Ninja - Masked Assassin

SW 5th St, Tarpon River, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Claimed by Dolfinando 7 months 4 weeks ago (29m 32s since publication)

I was on my way to work when I saw this published. I was just down the road a bit so it was a quick find. Thank you!

127 - Ninja's have to train and eat - Floating Raven

NE 62nd St, Imperial Point, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Claimed by Dockdog 7 months 3 weeks ago (7h 14m 45s since publication)

Grabbed this one with a little help from my friends. I have to make a Beatles reference. I just saw Yesterday. Thanks for the backpack.

128 - Sugar and java - Falling Angel

Pompano Beach, FL, US

Claimed by Ladybmx 7 months 2 weeks ago (7h 11m 48s since publication)

Saw this pop up early this morning...thought Broward geocaches would get it...decided to hang around the house waiting for women's world cup...saw that it STILL unclaimed..decided to take a drive...We'll Lookie here...Found it! Thank You Lily for encourage me to get off my butt to get it.

130 - Hold The Wall - Mysterious Phantom

Moatside Ct, England, GB

Claimed by lysta 8 months 1 week ago (12d 9h 7m 0s since publication)

my first time visiting York, this is the best souvenir I had ever got. Huge thank you to the hider who place this tag in a wonderful place. Despite the constant attacks from flys and bees I'm still able to retrieve it easily.

131 - Not Forgotten - Soothing Scythe

Gunterstone Rd, Hammersmith, England, GB

Claimed by Pesh 8 months 2 weeks ago (3d 2h 47m 48s since publication)

Wasn’t sure if this would be gone before I was back in London for work today! Checked as I arrived into London and still available, so made the tube journey over and was happy to make a fairly quick find after bracing my hand in the cave!

132 - Every Bum Needs A Backpack And A Buddy - Silver Fang

King's Stables Rd, Scotland, GB

Claimed by thewhitebeard 7 months 2 weeks ago (35d 2h 31m 32s since publication)

Hi all found the Urban Ninja in Edinburgh, great TB which am sure all other Geocaching friends will be green with envy over. thanks for a great Tb and looking forward to the other part to put them together

133 - Stirling Castle Is In View - Still Hawk

The Back Walk, Scotland, GB

Claimed by TDFThom1975 8 months 2 weeks ago (1d 15h 20m 28s since publication)

Grabbed after a non geocaching event in Alloa. Will probably pass it on.

135 - Tree Ent - Scarlet Blade

View Pl, Scotland, GB

Claimed by BumblerBee 8 months 2 weeks ago (12h 15m 33s since publication)

Found in Inverness today 😄😄😄

136 - Belfast History Lesson at the Inst. - Thunder Fall

College Square E, Northern Ireland, GB

Claimed by SchäferGSD 8 months 2 weeks ago (9h 1m 15s since publication)

Busted a few secret Urban Ninja moves to get to Belfast and claim this. Thanks for hiding.

137 - Famine No More - Silent Tiger

Dublin, County Dublin, IE

Claimed by Donnacha 7 months 4 weeks ago (9d 5h 55m 24s since publication)

Found in Dublin.

138 - Nucular Ninja - Silent Rover

Winfield Rd, Warrenville, IL, US

Claimed by KC_11 8 months 1 day ago (25m 8s since publication)

Awesome find! I was making coffee when this out the door I went! Found close parking and had the backpack in my hands in under a minute. So cool to finally find one of these close to home!

140 - Master Mission #MUN140 - Lightning Kill

Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY, US

Claimed by ImaginePeace 8 months 3 weeks ago (4h 27m 42s since publication)

Awesome thank you!

141 - Master Mission #MUN141 - Serpent Smile

Temple Hill St, Geneseo, NY, US

Claimed by allyn birch 8 months 2 weeks ago (1h 3m 55s since publication)

Master says 'Early to bed, early to rise, makes a ninja healthy, stealthy, and wise'. Yes, master. So, early to bed we were. Early to rise I was. And then, the notification arrives! HOLY NINJA!

I quickly dress and head out swiftly and silently. Maybe too swiftly. I rein back. I speed up. Arriving at ground zero, I quietly head into Temple Hill. It is light, so it is allowed. I turn and see that I am going away from the spot. I pull over.

I walk, guessing where it might be. I walk past it a few feet and notice that quickly. I turn and look. Could it be? I check a few possibilities before I ease up something that could be noisy. There it is! I steady the cover with one hand as I carefully grab the pack with the other. I set the pack down. I slowly lower the cover. I have made little noise. PHEW!

I turn around and slowly leave the area.


142 - Master Mission #MUN142 - Elegant Hunter

Lake Ave, Charlotte, Rochester, NY, US

Claimed by Death Walker 7 months 2 weeks ago (2d 22h 19m 26s since publication)

Saw a post about it being out. Knowing the area very well, figured the best time to grab is before people go to the beach. Had to wait for a couple people to leave. Found it with ease. Thanks

143 - Master Mission #MUN143 - Jade Bash

Celebration Dr, Strong, Rochester, NY, US

Claimed by Sherminator18 7 months 2 weeks ago (12h 28m 16s since publication)

I had to wait probably a half an hour for a good opportunity without muggles everywhere! This is a busy place for sure

145 - The Heart of Lively. - Darksaw

Greater Sudbury Regional Road 55, Lively, Greater Sudbury, ON, CA

Claimed by Tina 7 months 2 weeks ago (2d 3h 53m 13s since publication)

So glad I got to this one on time. Had to wait till I was headed to camp. It wouldn’t accept my code and no reception at the camp. Who knew the dash was that important in the code. Thanks for a good hide and thanks for taking the time to place these for our enjoyment.

146 - Five Guys - Quiet Sword

Greater Sudbury Regional Road 55, Greater Sudbury, ON, CA

Claimed by Polarkitten 7 months 2 weeks ago (10h 8m 27s since publication)

Found under a tree

148 - Knock knock ninja - Floating Wrath

Samuel St, Greater Sudbury, ON, CA

Claimed by Krazyknuk 7 months 1 week ago (7h 45m 54s since publication)

Having breakfast with cache-pal and while discussing recent caching adventures she mentioned “Snag-The-Tag” which she had just found. Checked out the area and noticed one very near our location so ran out and “Snagged-The-Tag”.

Yippeeee my first one.

Thx for adding to my addiction 🤣🤣🤣

149 - Percy ninja - Phantom Kill

Percy, Greater Sudbury, ON, CA

Claimed by Shadowfire9 7 months 1 week ago (4h 46m 29s since publication)

Found this little guy, still hiding from the muggles! 😃

151 - WHAT is this Monster? - Silent Shadow

Kirkfield Rd, Kirkfield, ON, CA

Claimed by dgas71 8 months 6 days ago (5h 47m 56s since publication)

First tag! Yay!

152 - Peek-a-Boo - Invisible Scythe

Peek a Boo Trail, ON, CA

Claimed by dmlookhere 8 months 2 days ago (12h 21m 45s since publication)

We decide to go for a drive today and found ourselves not to fare from this one so made are way here. Very cool bit of history.

154 - Plymouth Reconnaissance - Bronze Beast

S W Coast Path, GB

Claimed by Angelaobscura 8 months 2 weeks ago (5h 4m 42s since publication)

Noticed this tag after a very leisurely start to the morning and thought I best chuck on some clothes and dress the children and go on the hunt! One child still in pyjamas we headed along the breakwater with yachts all around us. I worried about the location being safe as I know how busy the fishing blocks are but sure enough the prize was waiting for me! Many thanks!

155 - Shenley Lodge Sundial, MK - Light Fall

Watling St, Shenley Lodge, England, GB

Claimed by angebucket32 8 months 2 days ago (1d 2h 37m 25s since publication)

Nigel didn’t want to come out of his Hiden hole so I had to go and get tweezers from the car. It still took some effort then. But he eventually came out. Thanks.

157 - Jade Strike Loves Heavy Metal...Not.... - Mystic Oracle

Sul Ross St, Montrose, Houston, TX, US

Claimed by HoustonTxDave 7 months 3 weeks ago (7h 54m 57s since publication)

I came out here this morning and at lunch. This ninja eluded me so i took a break and toured the Menil Collection Museum. Having viewed the art from all over the world, i headed back to the GZ one last time. Then something caught my eye and upon further exploring the ground i found the "Jade Ninja" tucked in the shrubs. Sneaky little hide. Thanks for hiding. Love this little park area.

158 - Jade Strike stops to Boot Scootin Boogie - Hidden Cinqueda

Northwest Loop 410, Uptown, San Antonio, TX, US

Claimed by Anteaus 7 months 1 week ago (47m 12s since publication)

Just happened to check my email before I left for work and saw that a couple of these published. Decided to go for the one on my way into work. I got there, started searching and decided it was already found, but then something caught my eye and there it was! Yay! Thank you for the little adventure this morning!

159 - Jade Strike hides a Ninja pack - Elegant Jackal

Cibolo Valley Drive, Cibolo, TX, US

Claimed by zanna 8 months 1 week ago (2h 32m 15s since publication)

Found while visiting family in Cibolo! Was only 1 mile away when I got notification. Out the door in PJs we went. Another hunter pulled up while we were searching; lucky to be the one who came up with it!!

160 - Jade Strike Takes a Hike - Hidden Lion

NW Military Hwy, Far North Central, San Antonio, TX, US

Claimed by CrazyChickC 7 months 1 week ago (2d 2h 25m 15s since publication)

Beautiful hike this am to make the find.

162 - In Pursuit of an Education - Sanguine Avalanche

McAllen, TX, US

Claimed by 8Nuts 6 months 3 weeks ago (14d 11h 42m 49s since publication)

I made an early Sunday morning run after this item. It was located by a college parking lot that's filled on weekdays. The parking lot was empty today. I made one quick search of the area location and only discovered a large wasp nest and several wasps. A second, closer search, revealed the prize.

163 - Watch Out for Those Shoppers

N Main St, McAllen, TX, US location_on N 26 16.379, W 098 13.327

There are shoppers galore roaming all over the place. I have never seen anything like this. They must be hoarders coming out of the doors with pallets full of stuff! I will hide here for a while and watch the comings and goings.

Right now I am hiding behind this place staying out of the way of this orgy.

Maybe someone will come and rescue me from this mayhem!

165 - Ninja Veteran - Scarlet Wind

Public Square N, Shelbyville, TN, US

Claimed by momndad2boys 8 months 5 days ago (2h 18m 4s since publication)

Finally got one published close to us. Being a veteran made this one special, Bedford County has a rich military history. Thanks. ACT

166 - Crazy Ninja - Sanguine Mamba

Lakeland Rd, Louisville, KY, US

Claimed by BigMike813 8 months 1 week ago (24m 16s since publication)

So glad I set up alerts. I was literally staring my engine to head back to FL went the alert came through. Thank you for the hide.

168 - Sign master - Elegant Dragon

SE Main St, Historic Milwaukie, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by Luz4 7 months 4 weeks ago (4h 33m 27s since publication)

Found it!

169 - Master skills - Smooth Fire

NE 141st Dr, Argay, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by fairyhoney 7 months 1 week ago (2h 21m 30s since publication)


171 - Eyes Like A Hawk - Snow Kill

Seagrove Ave, Cape May Point, NJ, US

Claimed by Dalton and the Girls 8 months 1 week ago (6d 5h 35m 58s since publication)

This little guy took me about half hour to find. Every time I come to Cape May I make a visit to this light house or the brewery around the corner. Saw this guy pop up the other day and knew I had to have it... Thanks for making this trip more fun.

172 - Pic-A-Wingn-It - Graceful Scythe

US-206, Southampton Township, NJ, US

Claimed by 589KMS 7 months 4 weeks ago (1d 0h 47m 54s since publication)

Early AM trip out to this famous local eatery (Wings)...nicely hidden!

173 - Smoke Eater - White Star

Woodbine Blvd, South Seaville, CAPE MAY CH, NJ, US

Claimed by Jemhvac 7 months 1 week ago (1d 7h 19m 54s since publication)

Thanks for placing this cool tag. Thanks to all the Firefighters for your service. It takes a special kind of person to run into a burning structure to save someone life. God Bless our Fire Fighters.

175 - Even Ninjas need a break! - Phantom Knife

I-84, Medical Springs, OR, US

Claimed by KC7DQM 7 months 3 weeks ago (1d 16h 28m 49s since publication)

This was a two part effort. Not all Ninja work alone. Not all ninja need strike directly.

176 - Ninja Noodles! - Hidden Phoenix

10th Ave S, Great Falls, MT, US

Claimed by DM&K Cachers 7 months 4 weeks ago (6d 12h 54m 33s since publication)

Snagged with a little help from my friend

177 - Ninja study time! - Thin Whisper

Wrigley Dr, Pasco, WA, US

Claimed by StevensAdInfinitum 7 months 3 weeks ago (44m 4s since publication)

Was out in Washington for the geocaching event, so I lucked out seeing this email before a busy day began.

Stealthy driving, quiet approach, like a ninja!

179 - LaGuardia Airport - Quiet Grin

Ditmars Blvd, Jackson Heights, New York, NY, US

Claimed by Tman109ner 7 months 3 weeks ago (1d 6h 15m 51s since publication)

After having a disappointing search for a golden ticket for a geocoin I was thrilled to be able to grab this guy. Thanks for putting him out.

180 - NY Hall of Science - Swift Lion

111th St, Corona, New York, NY, US

Claimed by thelilwolfee 7 months 1 week ago (44m 50s since publication)

So wet the rain just wouldn’t give me a break! However there wasn’t any purple people to meet! Thanks that was fun!

182 - Pure Ninja - Quick Oracle

W Main St, Lafayette, OH, US

Claimed by MaxGM 7 months 1 week ago (2d 17h 1m 34s since publication)

Yeah, still here 😀 Thanks to hider, we left something for you 😁

183 - Playground Ninja - Crouching Dragon

Park Ave, Lima, OH, US

Claimed by CandZsloot 7 months 1 week ago (2d 6h 58m 54s since publication)

After a drive from Michigan, very happy to see the Backpack still here 😀 And very glad to see the Dairy Haus open on our way out of town 😁 Thank you very much to the hider of this Tag!!

185 - Fitness and Health - Mysterious Ghost

Crown Pointe Dr, Lebanon, IN, US

Claimed by bucketto 8 months 1 week ago (7h 40m 40s since publication)

I was just off a fresh snagthetag find for a local game and I thought I would check in on the ninjas. I saw one left his pack about an hour away. I went and checked in at the front desk and the lady told me that whoever left it was treated and just disappeared. I looked at the training spot and he was nowhere to be found. I am glad that I got this to prove that they exist.

186 - Ready for a Night Out - Light Eye

E Blvd St, Kokomo, IN, US

Claimed by Racer2814 7 months 2 weeks ago (1d 2h 52m 57s since publication)

I was already planning on caching the Kokomo area today. Saw this backpack still available so I started my day here. Thanks

187 - Clear Vision - Steel Snow

Commerce Dr, Carmel, IN, US

Claimed by fairyleg 7 months 1 week ago (4d 5h 16m 20s since publication)

Wow! Never thought we had a chance. Saw on a local geocaching Facebook page and knew the chase was on.

189 - Haunted Ninja Hall - Golden Knife

S High St, Lafayette, OH, US

Claimed by 8 months 3 days ago

Teehee...I'm so happy I found this hidden in a hole within a rock ....and a thank you to my friends for having me join Urban Ninja!!!

190 - Tremont Sundial - Steel Shade


Claimed by CosmicFog 7 months 3 weeks ago

Stumbled on this charm after watching someone hide it. It led me here and I guess I get to keep it and I get a ninja also? Super cool. Hope to find some more and keep playing. Thanks for sharing!

192 - Davenport Ninja - Iron Smile

E 55th St, Davenport, IA, US

Claimed by DTCBears 8 months 13 hours ago (5h 30m 24s since publication)

Very Cool Ninja Backpack just ‘hanging around’ 😉😎 by the H U G E Davenport Sign on Brady St. Awesome! Thank You So Much For Placing!😊

193 - Lime Kiln Master - Thin Scorpion

US-61, Maquoketa, IA, US

Claimed by Firephoenix93 7 months 3 weeks ago (1d 9h 1m 30s since publication)

what a lovely place to be hidden the structure was awesome to look at as well as the local area tftf.

195 - Ninja Maintenance - Steel Moon

Issaquah, WA, US

Claimed by jjfeiler 8 months 1 week ago (1h 45m 10s since publication)

That close to home I had to try for it

196 - Enlightment Ninja - Falling Death

Stossel Ave, Carnation, WA, US

Claimed by Frisky Biscuits 7 months 4 weeks ago (3h 11m 43s since publication)

I had to go in to work this morning for an early meeting on my day off. Once I was free, the sunshine looked so nice that taking a drive out to Carnation sounded fun. I doubted the backpack would still be around by the time I arrived but it was! Thanks for the fun and the excuse to visit this neck of the woods again!

198 - Ninja History Lesson - Crouching Avalanche

Boulder Hwy Trail, River Mountain, Henderson, NV, US

Claimed by sadee joi 7 months 1 week ago (8h 2m 52s since publication)

Had my fingers crossed all the way here in hopes of finding the ninjas little backpack. Low and behold, I lucked out this time. I will make sure I get it back to him. Thank you for sharing!

199 - A Day in the Park - Scarlet Vision

Paradise, NV, US

Claimed by Kris32 7 months 1 week ago (3h 3m 18s since publication)

Finally could try for one of these things. Dog seemed happy to bop around the park. Now back to work!

201 - Field Artillery - Darkmoon

Middle St, East Weymouth, Weymouth, MA, US

Claimed by Thecheerleader1013 7 months 2 weeks ago (13h 55m 37s since publication)

So excited less than a mile away from my house can’t believe it was still there! Although lots of people around thanks!

202 - Ninja: First Lady - Terrible Tornado

Norton St, Weymouth, MA, US

Claimed by ee1234 8 months 5 days ago (1d 3h 27m 42s since publication)

I saw this posted yesterday but had to work, came today since know the area well and can’t believe it was there!! So exciting! Thanks!!!!

204 - Ninja Stealth Training - Quiet Warden

North Charleston, SC, US

Claimed by ahaydu12 7 months 2 weeks ago (4d 8h 27m 17s since publication)

came all the way from va to find this !!! when i got here it was raining , but that didnt stop me! thank you for hiding this

205 - Ninja Super Stealth Elixir - Nimble Knife

W Richardson Ave, Summerville, SC, US

Claimed by CutiePatootie17 8 months 1 week ago (2h 48m 57s since publication)

Found with SCBuckeye. Happy Father’s Day Jim!

207 - Peek-ing Duck - Blue Star

Lucerne, CA, US

Claimed by Jug & Roon 8 months 1 week ago (4h 6m 23s since publication)

TWO Urban Ninja's in our area. YAHOO Going for the Duck and score !!! Wanted to celebrate with an ice cream but Foster Freeze isn't open right now.

208 - Focused Forms - Iron Tooth

State Hwy 20, Upper Lake, CA, US

Claimed by GeoTabG 8 months 1 week ago (19h 32m 18s since publication)

I saw two new hides post “nearby” (or as close as one would probably get to me about 120 mi. away) when I woke up this morning but I had to go to work. I knew the soonest I’d be able to attempt the find would be after work (and the GS Warriors game of course.) I noticed one was snagged in a couple of hours and was very glad when they left the other. When the basketball game was over, I noticed it still hadn’t been found so I made the two hour drive up. I got to ground zero and spotted what I thought was the prize but it was just a piece of paper. Searched a bit more and the backpack was soon in hand!

Thank you to whoever placed it here!



210 - Ninja “Train”ing - Iron Mime

Melbourne Ave, Lindenwood Park, St. Louis, MO, US

Claimed by SociButte 7 months 2 weeks ago (3d 9h 28m 20s since publication)

Saw this online and thought... "I think I know that area". And by damn, I actually did! Not bad for someone who's only been here for less than a year and has all the directional sense of one of Taggarts screwed up geese!

So on my way past there I thought I'd stop in and maybe grab something a little awesome.

I was glad to see it was still there when I got there!

Thanks for placing!

211 - Haunted Ninja - Ghost Wanderer

Florence Ave, Webster Groves, MO, US

Claimed by Paulgracie 8 months 1 week ago (10h 11m 45s since publication)

Great find as it was guarding the path. My son called from out of town and asked me (the driver) to go hunting for him. Lunchtime came and away I went. SUCCESS!

212 - Phantom meets Ninja - Hidden Thunder

Huntercreek Ridge Rd, Des Peres, MO, US

Claimed by TeamBMZ 8 months 2 weeks ago (34m 56s since publication)

I woke just as I received the notification for this one. Decided to give chase. Arrived in the parking lot and there were no other cars around. Wasn’t sure what HP sign meant until I saw it. Sure enough it was right there. Thanks for hiding this tag!

213 - Grill Ninja - Mysterious Laugh

Kram Rd, St. Louis, MO, US

Claimed by origamifolder 8 months 4 days ago (2d 4h 31m 44s since publication)

I’m out in St Louis caching with captainmath when a friend told me I was near this tag. Much to my surprise in a city full of cachers we were able to make this find. Thanks!

215 - Take me out to the Ball game, Take me out to the park! - Darkblade

Sunflower Dr, DuBois, PA, US

Claimed by rpjjpr 7 months 1 week ago (6h 18m 53s since publication)

I knew I was in the right area but I was having trouble making the snag. I took my ball cap off and that was just enough to let me spot it where I had looked before. Must have thought I was one of those ballplayer things, lol. Thanks for my first snag!

216 - Monument Circle - Swift Strike

Monument Cir, Mile Square, Indianapolis, IN, US

Claimed by Dopey1963 7 months 2 weeks ago (9h 25m 24s since publication)

Saw this one post while getting ready to leave for work. This location was on the way, so decided to give the hide a shot. Great Hide! Hidden just well enough to keep muggles away. Not many people around this early. Sorry didn't post until now, but had to get to wait until I left work for the day to post the find. Thanks for the tag!

217 - Monument Hill - Graceful Warden

E 2nd Ave, DuBois, PA, US

Claimed by TyroneShoelaces 7 months 1 week ago (5h 52m 14s since publication)

Awesome, I can't believe I got one! I was on a cache run from home in Cleveland to Youngstown when I saw this tag had been published. Since I was that far east already, what's another 95 miles?

The whole way here I kept refreshing the page to make sure it had not yet been claimed. Then when I got close to the hiding spot there were two teens on bikes here with their phones in their hands. I was so scared I had come all this way to miss by a few minutes.

But as I approached, they left and I saw the X on the ground. I was so happy to find the ninja's backpack safely hidden.

Awesome view of the city up here, a great place to hide the backpack. Thanks so much!

222 - K-Town Protector - Jade Shot

Firebreak, N. Knoxville, Knoxville, TN, US

Claimed by Inspiritable 7 months 1 week ago (5h 26m 37s since publication)

Didn't think it would still be there. Had to dig a bit but we found it!

223 - Obelisk Hideout - Blessed Bihander

Lakeside Centre Way, Knoxville, TN, US

Claimed by TeamPAST 7 months 1 week ago (5h 50m 54s since publication)

Surprised to see this was still in its hiding spot. He has a new home now. Thank you

225 - Machu Picchu Ninja - Unseen Snake

Imperio de los Incas, Aguas Calientes, Cusco, PE

Claimed by 7 months 2 weeks ago (13d 2h 36m 1s since publication)

Snagged this in Peru

226 - Cerro San Cristobal Ninja

Av. Pedro Bannen, Recoleta, Santiago Metropolitan Region, CL location_on S 33 25.562, W 070 38.047

The Ninja Master took the Funicular up to survey the area in preparation for battle.

The Backpack is in the local cache .... magnetically attached to a sign

228 - Teaching the puppies some skills - Golden Moon

SE Monterey Rd, Stuart, FL, US

Claimed by FrappGirl 7 months 3 weeks ago (3h 44m 43s since publication)

My first snagatag find! Whoop!!

229 - Jiraiya the Gallant lost his........ Backpack - Cloaked Mamba

W Main St, Mesa, AZ, US

Claimed by Justhike 7 months 3 weeks ago (2h 6m 25s since publication)

Perfect timing!!

I was finishing up a run when I noticed this. On my way to work, I swung by here and found it without the hint.

So excited!

Shoutout to Burnsfire for telling me about this!

231 - Off Duty Ninja! - Crimson Viper

SW A St, Stuart, FL, US

Claimed by Montaukjen 8 months 1 week ago (10h 37m 8s since publication)

I got you Ninja!

232 - Work For it ... - Adrenaline Chaser

SE Central Pkwy, Stuart, FL, US

Claimed by kpub66 8 months 1 week ago (10h 44m 40s since publication)

I got this tag this morning. Sorry folks I forgot to log it at that time it was about 9:40 a.m.

233 - Last But Not Least - Winged Scorpion

Coconut Ln, Ocean Ridge, FL, US

Claimed by Fishnfla 7 months 1 week ago (1h 46m 2s since publication)

At the beach fishing this morning and caught it

234 - Ninja's Happy Place! - Serpent Moon

North Palm Beach, FL, US

Claimed by unimoggers 7 months 1 week ago (9h 22m 6s since publication)

MrMogger needed a break from hanging around Hillsboro Beach and decided this was a decent destination. Thanks for the tag!

236 - Kingston ninja - Warding Walpurgis

Valley Ln, Kingston, NH, US

Claimed by Mjbuzz2 7 months 2 weeks ago (4h 2m 32s since publication)

Quick trip not far from home found the Ninja just sitting around waiting for a ride.

237 - Capron ninja - Floating Laugh

Elmwood Ave, South Attleboro, Attleboro, MA, US

Claimed by Linky02703 7 months 1 week ago (3h 16m 49s since publication)

Woke up and made a run for it since it was posted 2 hours ago. Score!

239 - Chick’s by the shore - Lethal Sign

Beach St, West Haven, CT, US

Claimed by Cecebaby 8 months 4 days ago (4d 4h 59m 22s since publication)

Found this and went to the beach. Mom picked up a ton of shells ( forgot a bag) grabbed a geocache 100 feet away

240 - Cool off - Invisible Samaritan

Downtown, New Haven, CT, US

Claimed by Yalehockeymom 7 months 2 weeks ago (2d 15h 24m 49s since publication)

I felt like right at home finding this one. At the time I started Geocaching my son played youth hockey at this rink. I go back often to watch the college games. Excellent find and thank you!

242 - Ninja needs to eat!! - Unseen Mirage

Memphis, TN, US

Claimed by godzilla! 8 months 9 hours ago (3d 8h 41m 32s since publication)

WOO-HOO! What a neat find! I was sure that after 3 days it was going to be gone, but was delighted to see a little backpack shining in the sun when I discovered where it was hiding. Big thanks for putting this out to be discovered!!!

243 - Ninja Training - Invisible Smoke

Early Maxwell Blvd, East Memphis, Memphis, TN, US

Claimed by Sleepysloth 8 months 1 week ago (13h 0m 28s since publication)

Can’t believe I was first to find. I made everyone go out to dinner so we can find this awesome ninja backpack. Thanks for the game.

244 - Ninja needs to rest - White Ranger

Winton Rd, East Memphis, Memphis, TN, US

Claimed by Eagle95 7 months 3 weeks ago (5h 40m 9s since publication)

I was in the area grabbing some things for the weekend when this little guy popped up. After I finished my errands I ventured over to this spot to enjoy a nice morning next to an interesting fountain. I enjoyed the bench with the water flowing nearby. After a short little search for a sleeping backpack I came up with a find. Thanks for leaving your backpack at this very cool fountain.

246 - Ninja Troll - Agile Dragon

Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport, Bridgeport Charter Township, MI, US

Claimed by Graywolf5 8 months 3 days ago (6h 14m 45s since publication)

This is my very first time at playing SNAG THE TAG! It was a rainy morning so I made a stop at my sisters for a nice long visit. I then checked and this tag was available. I stopped first to get some pictures printed and now it’s off to get this Ninja! The rain was letting up so off I went to find this tag. On the way I saw a man and his daughter coming my way and I was sure they had the tag. I went to the location and I spotted it. It’s so exciting to find my first tag. On my way back to the car the rain picked up and not it’s raining hard again. This was fun.

247 - War vets - Unseen Striker

Ezra Rust Dr, Saginaw, MI, US

Claimed by TinaAlmighty 8 months 2 weeks ago (13h 41m 11s since publication)

Until now, I hadn't jumped on the snag-the-tag wagon, but when this one published, temptation set in. I had an advantage to find it when I saw the pictures and knew who placed it ;p I just had to wait till I got off work.

Thanks for dragging me into a new obsession!

249 - Ninjas Like Cheese Too! - Silver Moon

Co Rd V, DeForest, WI, US

Claimed by kishirukrew 8 months 1 week ago (2h 16m 0s since publication)

I never imagined one so close to fact I've never even set up an alert. Shortly after waking up I saw the post on Facebook and nearly fell over. A super quick shower and 10 minute drive - during which I couldn't even concentrate on my book on tape - and this seeker grabbed the backpack (7:48am)! This ninja hunter loves cheese!!!

250 - Ninjas Like Hotels - Masked Death

IL-21, Northbrook, IL, US

Claimed by Wheels00 7 months 2 weeks ago (51m 52s since publication)

I was prepping to go for a ride this morning when I saw the email. Luckily I knew this location immediately. Threw the bike on the rack and off I went. This is also right next to the path I was thinking about riding, just more north than expected. Win-Win

252 - Demo Forest - Swift Beast

S Brockway Rd, Oregon City, OR, US

Claimed by Legogrrl 7 months 3 weeks ago (3d 1h 13m 5s since publication)

Got the kiddos up early to try and snag this! And now we are off to the research forrest!

253 - Elma Resting - Slender Rain

Heise Rd S, Elma, WA, US

Claimed by TheTrailAwaits 7 months 1 week ago (5h 14m 25s since publication)

I saw this one posted about 4 hours ago and thought why not. Easy find.

255 - Island Adventure - Hollow Shot

Web St, Friday Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by benandjayme 8 months 1 week ago (7d 4h 11m 1s since publication)

We came out to the island today for a Father’s Day whale watching adventure, but then we remembered there was a backpack hanging out here also. Nice bonus for the trip!

256 - Playing too long! - Lightning Shot

Edwards Way, Anacortes, WA, US

Claimed by Kermitrules 7 months 4 weeks ago (5h 26m 2s since publication)

Can’t believe it was still there

258 - The red, white and blue - Silver Sign

Highland St, Port Norris, Commercial Township, NJ, US

Claimed by Zm43 8 months 1 week ago (3h 56m 30s since publication)

thanks for hiding this for me to find! its my very first one!

259 - Sawmill Park - Iron Fire

Greenbriar Ave, Richland, Vineland, NJ, US

Claimed by Joe 4 7 months 2 weeks ago (10h 22m 13s since publication)

Finally !! I was home in the area and able to slide in for the find. Thanks for the close to home hide!!

261 - Sneaky Ninja - Darkslinger

Riverfront Trail, Richland, WA, US

Claimed by TMan008WA 7 months 3 weeks ago (20m 2s since publication)

Got it!

262 - Visiting Town of Grace - Red Crash

WA-522, Grace, Woodinville, WA, US

Claimed by shrek198 7 months 1 week ago (2h 55m 52s since publication)

Saw this when I woke up this morning. Was passing by here on my way to work. Didn't think it would still be here. But it was. YES!

264 - Sunset Ninja - Red Slinger

Owen Pkwy, Sunset Village, Madison, WI, US

Claimed by MM2979 8 months 1 week ago (14h 45m 35s since publication)

Saw the notification last night. Thought about the 88 mile drive. At 8 am since it still wasn't logged as found, I decided to go for it. Happy that I did.

265 - Easy Border Crossing - Deadlock

Rheinstrasse, Sevelen, SG, CH

Claimed by PaintyCH 8 months 3 days ago (13h 40m 42s since publication)

Heute morgen gesehen das dieser "Tag" ausgesetzt / Publist wurde.. als gegen Abend noch nichts unternommen wurde war der Reiz dann doch zu gross und wir machten uns auf den Weg!

Wir konnten den TAG gut und auch rasch finden umso grösser war dann auch die Freude an diesem!

Vielen DANK

267 - Ninja defeats the ROBOT - White Smoke

Fremont St, Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Doctor A 8 months 1 week ago (1d 8h 1m 8s since publication)

Yay!! Got the second one I searched for.

268 - Ninja battles OCTOSTEAM - Rapid Eyes

Emerson Ave, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Gus 8 months 5 days ago (4h 11m 52s since publication)

Quick easy find at a cool spot!

269 - Ninja hitching a ride OLD WEST style - Winged Blaze

S Commerce St, Arts District, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by H2SG2 8 months 1 week ago (2d 2h 5m 6s since publication)

Found while on vacation outside of on of my favorite shops!

270 - Ninja Cienega - Darkstrike

Springs Preserve, Rancho Oakey, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by mineral54 7 months 3 weeks ago (3d 3h 52m 7s since publication)

With stealth like a ninja we searched this beautiful area and made the find.

272 - Bookworm Ninja - Graceful Dragon

4th Ave, Ford City, PA, US

Claimed by beans&franks 8 months 2 days ago (1d 0h 23m 46s since publication)

Finally a tag close enough to make a grab....Saw this one had been posted before heading to bed last night and planned accordingly for an early morning find( hopefully)....Arrived and made a quick find....Thanks for the new game in town.....Frank&Brenda....

273 - Country Ninja Goes Shopping - Wise Crane

Henricks Rd, Butler, PA, US

Claimed by FloridaTBHunter 8 months 3 days ago (15h 43m 39s since publication)

I noticed this Backpack around 3:30pm after getting of work. Drove the 2.5 hours in the pouring rain from Cleveland, OH to Butler, PA. Description was spot on, followed the path around the tree and Backpack was right where it was supposed to be. Great!!!

275 - Ninja Fun - Hidden Hawk

Sabre St, Everett, WA, US

Claimed by komikino 7 months 3 weeks ago (1h 2m 38s since publication)

Got it! Thanks for placing this!

278 - Steakhouse Ninja - Phantom Cipher

SW 22nd Pl, West Southwest 3, Topeka, KS, US

Claimed by Elocin100 7 months 1 week ago (35m 33s since publication)

Found this guy in stealth mode.

279 - Ninja resting - Iron Tooth

I-70, Manhattan, KS, US

Claimed by peachy1276 7 months 2 weeks ago (4h 4m 2s since publication)

The ninja has finished resting and is moving down the road.

283 - Cloaked Shade - Quick Flash

180th St, Muscatine, IA, US

Claimed by JnKLong 8 months 3 days ago (9h 18m 8s since publication)

I’ve been watching him all day hoping it didn’t disappear. I get here and I am blind as a bat apparently but finally located it and claim the prize! Thanks for the hide of this little ninja and bringing me to a place I would have never known about.

285 - McMinnville Town Spring/Quarry Site - Hollow Slinger

S Court Square, McMinnville, TN, US

Claimed by darrindickey 8 months 1 week ago (1d 5h 16m 23s since publication)

My wife and I made the run from Murfreesboro when we saw this published. It's a beautiful Saturday for catching. The terrain was a little challenging, but fun. We even got to meet the Mayor, who was out walking in the area

286 - Pat Summitt; Legacy Park - Agile Lotus

Clarksville, TN, US

Claimed by Place UR Betz 7 months 4 weeks ago (9h 30m 34s since publication)

Nothing like driving through 2 states after a full work day to snag a tag! CovertOps74 and I decided to take a chance and we ended up with the find! Thanks for placing this for us to find!

287 - Birthing Tree - McMinnville, TN - Quick Sword

Vocational Technical Dr, McMinnville, TN, US

Claimed by SchizoDsy 7 months 2 weeks ago (6d 12h 23m 26s since publication)

This was our first find, and we just barely made the find before another friend pulled up looking for the same thing! Way cool!0

288 - Fort Campell Memorial Park - Steel Mark

KY-9004, Hopkinsville, KY, US

Claimed by beekeeper99 7 months 1 week ago (3h 17m 38s since publication)

THIS LITTLE NINJA WAD HIDDEN GOOD. Took me a bit to unvover hin,

290 - Quechee Ninja Warrior - Rabid Eyes

Quechee, Hartford, VT, US

Claimed by Georgie57 7 months 4 weeks ago (10d 12h 12m 19s since publication)

A great rainy day to search for a backpack in an amazing spot just an hour from my dHome thy until today I didn’t even know existed. I was well hidden, as any Ninja SHOULD be as I reached in & groped that old John Deere until I was soaked through with rain & covered in grease. Passers by didn’t even notice me, the newest ninja in the area, dressed in green & soaked with rain. I blended right in with my surroundings. Have I mentioned I was soaked to the bone with rain? 🤣 This was a great day of sight seeing & becoming a ninja!

291 - The Westerly Postal Warrior - White Breath

Broad St, Westerly, Westerly, RI, US

Claimed by Kasnthomas 8 months 2 weeks ago (36m 42s since publication)

NOT a morning person.... mad that my husband calls at 6:06AM this morning. But now I’m awake and decide to check emails. What do I see??? A Snag the Tag notification!! 🎊 So I grab the first pants and sweatshirt I come across and bolt out the door! I am less than 10 minutes from the Post Office. Pull up and the coords put me across the street, where I immediately see where I think it will be. Thankfully downtown westerly is a GHOST town at 6:20 am. Very excited to find this!! Never thought one would be this close!! Many thanks!!!

293 - Honk - Ghost Warden

Tioga St, Southwest Ada County Alliance, Boise, ID, US

Claimed by Fries Clan 7 months 1 week ago (7h 41m 20s since publication)

First time we’ve played one like this. G and G of Fries Clan found it. 🙌🏻 Wheeeee! Officially a Geo Ninja. 😂

294 - All Aboard - Alehouse Dagger

Pearl St, Depot Bench, Boise, ID, US

Claimed by chefbmw1990 7 months 1 week ago (3d 9h 11m 21s since publication)

first time ever finding one of these glad i convinced my mother to come help find it. at first i we couldnt find it but then we really got around to searching and found it easy. hope to find find more ther=se in the future

295 - Ninja Respect - Deadly Destreza

#114 Veterans Trail (Dog On Leash), Boise, ID, US

Claimed by Razzl3&Dazzl3 7 months 8 hours ago (10d 9h 26m 47s since publication)

Found this afternoon. A very beautiful spot to honor the fallen. Thank you to the Hider!

297 - 42 Choices for a Wise Ninja’s Mind - Godhand Godinho

Scenic Dr, Salamanca, NY, US

Claimed by JFlow 7 months 1 week ago (4h 51m 12s since publication)

Awesome to finally have one in Southern Tier NY! You must stop and visit Allegany State Park while you are here. Allegany State Park is NY"s largest state park!

298 - Light of the Ninja’s Soul - Mad Montanteiro

NY-5, Batavia, NY, US

Claimed by Rednekcacher1123 7 months 1 week ago (2h 51m 22s since publication)

Thank you for the hide. This is my first find. I’m a geocacher so I wanted to try this. It’s pretty fun just have to get use to not always using the gps. Thank you again.

300 - Ancient Ninja Kitchen - Silent Shillelagh

Railroad Ave, Wilkeson, WA, US

Claimed by Jim and jan 8 months 1 week ago (1h 9m 33s since publication)

Closish to house but early enough to get there quickly. Thanks for the fun

301 - Little Ninja Shack - Zhanmadao

Barksdale Ave, DuPont, WA, US

Claimed by melagal 7 months 1 week ago (2h 12m 47s since publication)

Conveniently published this morning just before I was headed this way. Wish I had more time to explore here. Oh, and hiking boots!

303 - Climbing Tricks of the Ninja - Revenger

Abernathy Creek Rd, Longview, WA, US

Claimed by Team Mars 8 months 2 weeks ago (9h 21m 27s since publication)

Was scrolling thru Facebook and saw a post that said there was one in Longview. Hey... That's like a hour north. Got my shoes on and took off. Cool spot. Reminds me of a geocache back in Woodstock, IL called Tree of Soles.

305 - Ninja Escape! - Metal Knight

Hwy 99, Fremont, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by KolleenSmith 7 months 1 week ago (9h 50m 4s since publication)

I saw this published this morning. When I got home from work it was still not found. Ask my husband if he wanted to take a drive. Nice time to drive in rush hour traffic. After searching one location with no luck, we noticed a second place to check too. I was very surprised that it was still there. Thanks

306 - "Eye"'ll be watching you ... - Lightning Max

Elliott Bay Trail, Belltown, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by jamesamos5000 7 months 2 weeks ago (9h 36m 1s since publication)

Thanks for the fun!!

307 - Holding Down The Fort - Mysterious Moon

Fort Mott Rd, Pennsville, NJ, US

Claimed by Forbez 8 months 1 week ago (1d 4h 0m 6s since publication)

Out for some Father’s Day exploring and made a quick snag.

308 - On the Tracks... - Thin Blade

Hwy 99, Industrial District, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by 2nd1of3 7 months 1 week ago (1h 3m 4s since publication)

Sitting at home at my computer when this posted. Didn’t know if I be first, but you won’t if you don’t try. Hurray!

309 - Across from the Court in the Square - Silent Fall

S Jackson St, Downtown Seattle, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by BrookAiden 7 months 1 week ago (2h 18m 54s since publication)

Nice area

317 - A Ninja's Gotta Eat! - Nimble Smirk

N 33rd St, Lincoln, NE, US

Claimed by Volkswagenphreak 7 months 1 week ago (1h 39m 10s since publication)

Finally was able to snah one of these beauties! My little guy and i were up early this morning so when i saw this publish we headed over there right away and made the find! I always seem to be at work whwn these are published so i just happened to get lucky this time! Im so excited to get one of these awesome coins! Thank you so much to the hider for hiding this for us to come and find! When we got here there were people parked in the drivethrough so we pulled in through the wrong direction and parked the wrong way! 😂 also there was this random frying pan just chilling on a pylon really close to GZ i had to laugh at that! Thanks for the fun adventure this morning!

318 - Ninjas: So Fresh and So Clean, Clean! - White Cat

South St, Lincoln, NE, US

Claimed by MajorHusker 7 months 2 weeks ago (2h 13m 22s since publication)

I woke up with the feeling that someone was watching me, but alas when I looked around, no one was to be found. But, I spotted something that they must have forgotten, so I snagged it, for safe keeping. I took this picture to stake my claim, that to what is lost, is now found.

320 - Ninja Guarding Six Springs - Masked Rain

Park Dr NE, Midtown, Atlanta, GA, US

Claimed by beldredge 8 months 2 weeks ago (2h 14m 12s since publication)

Snagged it this morning while dodging rain drops like the Masked Rain master ninja that I am. Great location. Thanks for bringing snag-the-tag to ATL!

321 - Literary Ninja - Silverblade

GA-22 Spur, Columbus, GA, US

Claimed by sfcchaz 7 months 1 week ago (15d 0h 48m 14s since publication)

I was unaware of this quest until seeing it on the Georgia Geocaching Association FB page this morning. I went over to the site and was lucky enough to find it as described.

323 - Bear Creek Bushido - Blood Strike

50th Ave, Monmouth, IA, US

Claimed by Jpark2003 7 months 1 day ago (12d 11h 37m 53s since publication)

Well this one was going unfound. So I swooped in the make the save.

324 - Seven Battles - Masked Phoenix

Riverfront Trail, Downtown Davenport, Davenport, IA, US

Claimed by 24Adventure 7 months 1 week ago (1d 15h 27m 7s since publication)

Heat and humidity can't keep an Urban Ninja down. Got it!

326 - Supplies - Floating Eyes

Outlet Village Blvd, Lebanon, TN, US

Claimed by Tjheath62 7 months 3 weeks ago (4d 4h 20m 8s since publication)

Seen this one post 4 days ago and figured somebody would have grabbed it by now. Got up this morning and seen it was still sitting here all alone. Decided it was time to go rescue this one. Made the drive out and was surprised it's still here. Made the grab and now going to go shop since you brought me here. Thanks for placing for me to grab.

327 - Setting Sun...... - Bronze Hawk

Bass Pro Dr, Kodak, TN, US

Claimed by Asgoroth 7 months 1 week ago (4h 58m 43s since publication)

Was packing up to leave Pigeon Forge and head home this morning. Saw a link to another of these tags in Columbus, GA and looked on the map. Sure enough, there was a brand new one just up the road, and on the way home.

It is now heading home with me.

329 - Ninja Exercise Spot - Jade Raven

Valley Ave, Cresco, IA, US

Claimed by NinjaB 7 months 1 week ago (2h 7m 10s since publication)

Yippie!!! I saw a new game show up and waited for one to show up nearby. Drinking my morning coffee I saw this one publish at 6am. Got ready and headed out the door. A short hour drive and I arrived to the area. Did my ninja training a bit and found the ninja backpack hiding as promised. These Ninjas are really well designed. Hopefully there are more like this in the future.

330 - Ninja Baseball - Dead Eye

7th Ave W, Cresco, IA, US

Claimed by tmelver 7 months 1 week ago (3h 17m 8s since publication)

Saw this one published and heading in that direction to a geocaching event. Even though they play baseball at night we were lucky enough to find him in his daytime hiding spot.

332 - Peace Path Ninja - Lightshot

E Constitution St, Norman, OK, US

Claimed by IBeRoberto 8 months 3 weeks ago (3h 5m 1s since publication)

Heard about this game at Woodstock and didnt think there would ever be one publish so close to OKC! The FTF race was fun, hopefully I will get a chance to find another.. I'm hooked!

333 - Get Your Ninja on Route 66! - Agile Drake

E 11th St, Tulsa, OK, US

Claimed by M 5 8 months 6 days ago (1h 0m 19s since publication)

Running by yale/11th for a part when I saw this pop up. Took a side trip to grab this tag. Two people sleeping near gz, but I used ninja skills to snag the Tag. Nice hide and thank you!

335 - Active Virgin Ninja - Sanguine Hawk

Harris Ave, Edenvale, GP, ZA

Claimed by Panters 7 months 1 week ago (17m 25s since publication)

Awesomeness!! We were so looking forward to today. Thanks for placing this tag. It feels great to be able to snatch it, especially seeing that it is the first tag in Joburg. Annelie and Edward

336 - The Georgian - Stillflow

East St, Edenvale, GP, ZA

Claimed by Orosman 7 months 1 week ago (1h 6m 56s since publication)

Ninjas work best in the dead of night and this one was doing just that hiding out in the open for only those in the know too see

337 - Port Elizabeth Ninja flight - Quick Cat

Allister Miller Dr, Port Elizabeth, EC, ZA

Claimed by PumTim 7 months 1 week ago (2h 44m 26s since publication)

Claimed it at a very busy Port Elizabeth Airport early morning!

338 - Table Mountain Cable way - Smooth Snow

Tafelberg Rd, Cape Town, WC, ZA

Claimed by mignon 7 months 2 weeks ago (36m 58s since publication)

Best view., even if a bit overcast Thanks

339 - Night time ninja - Lightning Moon

Raphael Cres, Cape Town, WC, ZA

Claimed by Sokkies73 7 months 1 week ago (4h 21m 11s since publication)

And a Ninja use stealth at night to approach its enemies...

341 - Public Lands Ninja - Crimson Sign

US-550, Montrose, CO, US

Claimed by Djbtex 7 months 1 week ago (9d 14h 16m 7s since publication)

Had some help from a friend retrieving this little fellow. Sometimes we need some assistance- many thanks fellow ninja 😁.

342 - ‘B’ the Ninja - Deadflake

SE Meadowbrook St, College Place, WA, US

Claimed by Latetrap 7 months 3 weeks ago (1h 18m 19s since publication)

Happened to be Walla Walla caching when this published and made a run for it. GOT IT!

344 - Super Velocity Ninja - Invisible Shadow

US-52, North Charleston, SC, US

Claimed by Burnsfire 7 months 2 weeks ago (3h 15m 34s since publication)

Woke up early and made the 2 hour drive to snag the tag. The one I was after got snagged on my way. Glad this was published on the way. This is my second trip down to Charleston for this. Very happy to get out my ninja skills in action. Happy 4th.

345 - An Urban Ninja is Always working on Their Skills - Red Watcher

Summerville, SC, US

Claimed by SoukEye 8 months 1 week ago (2d 9h 5m 14s since publication)

Thank you! I saw this one pop up and have been trying to get up to it to snag it. I was in the area so pulled by and found it in the whole of a tree under some Spanish moss. I know the person who placed it, so thank you!

347 - Falls Park Ninja - Bullet Eyes

N Weber Ave, Sioux Falls, SD, US

Claimed by BAWags75 8 months 2 weeks ago (3h 7m 52s since publication)

I was a little bit worried I wouldn’t be able to find it with all the park employees mowing and cleaning. But once I got to Ground Zero my Ninja skills kicked in not to mention all the trees shielded me from their view so searching was pretty easy and comforting. I am now a Ninja Master! Thank you for the snag the tag first to find.

348 - Pigtail - Phantom Mimic

N Terin Cir, Sioux Falls, SD, US

Claimed by HansonAndHounds 8 months 2 weeks ago (3h 22m 27s since publication)

Omg, this was fun! I had to come back twice- I didnt have the proper TOTT the first time! Got the email alert and off I went with a grabbing tool....not long enough! Had to recruit the husband to bring a ladder as I had to do a quick stop at work after the first time at ground zero. A beautiful day to do some geocaching in Sioux Falls. Thank you to the Hider of this ninja, a wonderful fun hide and so much fun!

Excuse the face- its a windy sunny day here in SD!

350 - Snag a Tag in Sydney - Sanguine Smirk

Foreshore Rd, Botany Bay, NSW, AU

Claimed by Pipes_down_under 7 months 3 weeks ago (1d 12h 48m 45s since publication)

What a great concept. After spending a fair bit of time searching, I expanded the search and it was then a quick find. I used to view this spot from the opposite side after years of working on the airport tarmac. TFTTag

351 - Tag at the Big Banana - Rabidshot

A1, Sherwood, NSW, AU

Claimed by Diamonjs 7 months 1 week ago (1h 24m 39s since publication)

How lucky I was driving into Coffs when this was posted.

352 - Snag the Aussie Ape - Rapid Shot

Tallow Beach Track, Byron Bay, NSW, AU

Claimed by Boognish 8 months 1 week ago (1d 1h 35m 19s since publication)

Surprised to see one of these in Australia, let alone near me. Went down to tallows to meet the dawn at Australia's most easterly point... Shame about all the clouds! Tag Snagged.

354 - Kings park views - Ghost Flash

Hacketts Path, Kings Park, WA, AU

Claimed by dezzabills 7 months 2 weeks ago (5d 9h 58m 18s since publication)

Was in Kings Park and parked up nearby and with the umbrella in hand headed to ground zero for a quick find and another quick dash back to the car. Thanks for the tag.

355 - Fly me to a Mega

Miller Rd, Cloverdale, WA, AU location_on S 31 56.007, E 115 57.610

Terminal 4 Qantas entry Behind the metal box mounted to the wall Top left corner

357 - Centennial Park ninja - Snowshade


Claimed by hingis20 8 months 1 week ago (57m 7s since publication)

Just happened to be up early and saw this was published not too far from where I live so I whipped over and was very happy to see it was still there! Very exciting to find one of these!

358 - Shady Nijna - Silver Eye

Burnside Rd E, Burnside, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by tadrew 8 months 10 hours ago (1d 6h 31m 2s since publication)

It’s all mine! My first one, yay!

359 - coffee ninja - Light Shot

Ravine Way, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by sole seeker 7 months 1 week ago (5h 2m 25s since publication)

Been following these Snag The Games for a little while, but most tags weren't close to home or the timing was very good. Today was different. Two tags came out on different games and both were in areas I was going to be this morning. Got them both!! So this one was my second ever tag and hopefully not the last. Thanks for the fun, coffee ninja!

361 - Haiiro no ninja - Stillscar

BC-17, North Park, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by Yankez 7 months 2 weeks ago (15h 7m 12s since publication)

Saw the notification that this was hidden just a few blocks from home, walked quickly in the rain to see if we'd be the first ones there. Luckily the wife was small enough to get into the hiding spot to retrieve it

362 - Shinbun Ninja - Lethal Streak

Esquimalt Rd, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by eltee291 8 months 1 week ago (3h 36m 41s since publication)

Up early this morning to go geocaching when I saw the notification in my mailbox. Quickly finished getting ready and rushed out the door. Of course the slowest drivers are out when you have to get somewhere fast. Made it to the hiding spot and, yay, it was still there. Now on to Nanaimo for some geocaching.

363 - Whiffin Spit carvings - Thunder Kill

Whiffin Spit Rd, Sooke, BC, CA

Claimed by neltra 8 months 2 weeks ago (55m 21s since publication)

Yay. Was in my pjs already when this was published. I'm only .5 km away so I got dressed, grabbed my 2 teen age kids and off we went. My son actually found it but it's mine, all mine. 😉

Such a beautiful spot for all to enjoy. Love the walk on the spit. Thank you

365 - Looking for a diamond - Lightning Fall

Blackfoot Trail SE, Acadia, Calgary, AB, CA

Claimed by Three Stars 8 months 1 week ago (2h 46m 5s since publication)

A quick detour on the way to the office.

366 - In search of a meal. - Lightning Eyes

Bow River Pathway, Southeast Calgary, Calgary, AB, CA

Claimed by super_lorrie 8 months 5 hours ago (11h 34m 45s since publication)

Wow! I can't believe I got this guy! First ever attempt!!

368 - Gray Urban Ninja - Iron Phantom

Johnston Townline Rd, Langley City, BC, CA

Claimed by kylekite 8 months 3 weeks ago (1h 46m 8s since publication)

Whoo Hoo got it

369 - Crimson Fall

Woodbridge Way, Sherwood Park, AB, CA

Claimed by Licwid 8 months 1 week ago (1d 17h 57m 36s since publication)

Its been a while since I've looked at this game but tonight I decided to have another peek. To my surprise a Ninja had left his backpack over a day ago with in a few kilometers of my place. So I dropped everything I was doing to race over and have a look, just the same as if I was after the ftf on a new cache. It was my lucky day as the backpack was still laying there.

Thanks for the fun!

371 - Jumping Rooftops & Sharpening Knowledge - Light Claw

W Georgia St, Central Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, CA

Claimed by Kev_MacD 8 months 2 days ago (4h 5m 50s since publication)

Fun find! Waited for the library to open, found it first place I touched.

372 - Tunnel of Fears - Phantom Shadow

Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Greenwood, BC, CA

Claimed by 7 months 2 weeks ago (6h 32m 5s since publication)

What a fun find. Love this tunnel, and I actually have a lot of geocaches placed around it and on the trail going each way. ☺️ Beautiful sunny day to zip out for this tag, and so excited for it to come in.

373 - Albert Dyck Lake - Swift Shot

Walmsley Ave, South Poplar, Abbotsford, BC, CA

Claimed by London_Girl 8 months 1 week ago (5d 14h 37m 18s since publication)

Found while walking around the lake this morning with my pup... sorry busy day and didn't log immediately.

375 - Ninja in the park - Ruby Jackal

Bonnie Dr, Simcoe, ON, CA

Claimed by farm.girl 8 months 3 weeks ago (9h 50m 51s since publication)

Not too difficult to be stealthy on a Friday before others got off school or work. Followed the clues carefully and soon had the tag in hand. My first one!

376 - Ninja needs to catch a train - Silver Spider

Wellington St S, Woodstock, ON, CA

Claimed by BWJM 8 months 12 hours ago (6h 48m 15s since publication)

This tag's been snagged, yeah! This is the first tag I've been able to get closer to, much less find, as these things are scarce in my area. Quick find once I got here. Thanks!

378 - Big Nickel Ninja - Serpent Player

Sutherland Ave, Greater Sudbury, ON, CA

Claimed by SweetPea57 8 months 2 days ago (6d 6h 7m 20s since publication)

O.M.G. I got it! I was on Facebook when I saw a fellow geocacher post about this tag being hidden at the Big Nickel and since I'm only a half hour drive from there, away I went!! Found it quite easily, thanks to the hint:) I'm super thrilled, never thought I'd find one of these awesome tags. It was also a pleasure to visit the Big Nickel again.

379 - Civic Cemetary - Cloaked Drake

Greater Sudbury, ON, CA

Claimed by sgm 7 months 1 week ago (21h 31m 57s since publication)

Took a few minutes to find this one but I got it! Thanks!

381 - Chiba Master - Kill Strike

Spirit Trail, North Vancouver, BC, CA

Claimed by brilang 8 months 11 hours ago (4h 35m 49s since publication)

Found it!

382 - Enter the Ninja - Ruby Hunter

North Vancouver, BC, CA

Claimed by acadianpie 7 months 1 week ago (2h 49m 4s since publication)

Thrilled that there is another tag in our area - hooray.. EPIC :)

384 - Muffled Striker's Forgot Her Backpack! - Unknown Ghost

21 Ave, Didsbury, AB, CA

Claimed by GeoWyrm 8 months 2 weeks ago (33m 12s since publication)

Working in the gardens at the museum before the CITO, took a break and checked messages. What's this? A tag is hiding? Off we went! Found tucked away nicely.

385 - A Moment of Zen in a Chaotic Canmore - Tranquil Scorpion

5 Ave, Canmore, AB, CA

Claimed by mikefromcanmore 7 months 1 week ago (6h 49m 21s since publication)

A chance encounter at the recycling depot led us to looking for this one. Such a beautiful spot.

387 - Ninja U - Scarlet Scar

University Ave, Cedar Falls, IA, US

Claimed by Let Freedom Ring 8 months 2 weeks ago (5h 2m 10s since publication)

Had an alert set up for this game, and when I was eating breakfast this morning I saw that a tag was available within 2 miles of my house. Was already planning to take a bicycle ride this morning so decided to alter my course to head over and look for this one first.

Arrived at 8:10 am and made the find quickly. I snagged the tag and headed back out on my bike to finish with a 24 mile ride.

A very appropriate location to place this one! Thanks for the hide!!

388 - Warrior Gym - Graceful Moon

Hickman Rd, Urbandale, IA, US

Claimed by Syco 8 months 2 weeks ago (15h 9m 36s since publication)

Sent my niece to make the grab for me as I am 4 1/2 hours away from there. Gave her all the info and the tag is on it's way home to me now.

390 - Ali's Ninja - Jade Eyes

N 6th St, Downtown, Louisville, KY, US

Claimed by Jamm637 7 months 1 week ago (8h 0m 27s since publication)

Thanks for placing this tag! My brother lives just minutes away and is very familiar with the area. He navigated us right to it just using the pictures.

391 - SuperNinja - Bronze Mark

Market St, Metropolis, IL, US

Claimed by CovertOps74 7 months 1 week ago (12h 25m 8s since publication)

Took a chance and drove from Evansville today to attempt the snag the Ninja!

393 - Ninja takes a stroll - Lightning Shot

Springfield, MO, US

Claimed by dj1974 6 months 3 weeks ago (14d 15h 48m 36s since publication)

Got some info from a friend in KC that this was in Springfield. I was out geocaching and made the find on this one, also.

394 - Friendly Ninja - Rapid Fall

Massachusetts St, Lawrence Cultural District, Lawrence, KS, US

Claimed by DrPowercat 8 months 3 days ago (6h 6m 0s since publication)

Found in Lawrence, KS as described. Thanks.

396 - Westward or Eastward Ho - Flying Laugh

Lake Dr, West Des Moines, IA, US

Claimed by Gamsci 8 months 1 week ago (12h 42m 40s since publication)

I've heard about this game for a while now, and have occasionally watched the website. Today, I looked at the website and saw this one was out here. Headed on out and kept on watching the listing to make sure no one else claimed it. Checked all three elevations and then found something suspicious and there it was. A fun little hunt for us today! Thanks for the hunt.

397 - Ninja Food - Unmoving Wolf

Barbers Corner Rd, Bolingbrook, IL, US

Claimed by CanisMinor 7 months 1 week ago (1h 17m 0s since publication)

Saw this publish while getting ready for work this morning. I was able to make the quick trip over, find the prize, and make it to work on time. Thanks for placing this, and for the early morning adventure

399 - Successful Southbound Escape - Hollow Mark

SW 325th St, Federal Way, WA, US

Claimed by tubatad 8 months 2 weeks ago (1h 49m 29s since publication)

I happened to be awake when this published when I usually am not. After mulling over the decision whether or not to get out of bed at such an hour I decided that the time was right to go for it. This way I don't have to stress about finding a tag later on. Good luck to all the other finders out there and thanks to the hiders and the administrators of snagthetag.

400 - Between A Rock And A...Well...Another Rock! - Steelstrike

Tulalip St NE, Tacoma, WA, US

Claimed by Laurie253 7 months 4 weeks ago (1h 22m 49s since publication)

Was late to see notification but jumped out of bed, got ready and headed to Brown’s Point! Yay! Made the find! Nice peaceful morning!
Thanks for the fun!

402 - Ninjas love Pez - Muzzled Crane

Edison Road, Orange, CT, US

Claimed by CatInTheHat 8 months 1 day ago (12h 41m 20s since publication)

Very first find. Fretted not getting this one. Traveled from New York City. Oh thank you for hiding for me to locate.

403 - Ninja in the USA - Wise Oracle

Ashley Ave, Glenburn, ME, US

Claimed by drewid65 8 months 1 week ago (10h 25m 47s since publication)

finding the perfect lean-to for equipment empty i thought that this mission deep in the heart of ftf’ers was a failure; through some tenacity and leaving no stone unturned i recovered my backpack and returned to my village successful.

405 - When one life ends a new one begins! - Red Laugh

Martin Luther King, Chattanooga, TN, US

Claimed by Moondancer 8 months 3 weeks ago (10h 57m 15s since publication)

Wow, just signed up and saw this one on the way back from a family trip. Glad I got it!

406 - Swimming Ninja - Ghost Mask

Napier Rd, Twin Brook, Chattanooga, TN, US

Claimed by SuperNate 7 months 2 weeks ago (1d 2h 28m 48s since publication)

I got a text from a North Carolina friend that this tag had found its way to Chattanooga. Unfortunately was at work, so didn’t expect it to still be there. Jokes on me because this morning when leaving work, I saw it was still there. Came out here and walked right to it. Very cool! My first tag find. Thanks so much.

408 - Life's a circus - Phantom Shade

WI-113, Baraboo, WI, US

Claimed by Zhawksfam 7 months 1 week ago (4d 3h 51m 52s since publication)

Stopped on way up to boundary waters. Thanks for placing this out for others to find. Nice little place to stretch the legs

409 - Mayo Clinic - Quickfall

10th Ave SW, Pill Hill, Rochester, MN, US

Claimed by sslowes 7 months 2 weeks ago (3h 9m 28s since publication)

Noticed a post on FB from my local Geocaching page about Snag the Tag. I was eating breakfast about a block away and figured I would try to find it.

411 - Ninja on the James - Floating Hawk

T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, Belle and Mayo Islands, Richmond, VA, US

Claimed by Camokev66 8 months 1 week ago (12h 26m 27s since publication)

I woke early this beautiful 🌞 Sunday morning not knowing the adventure that would await. As I checked the Snagthetag website (as I've done daily since June 1st) I noticed a Master Ninja has graced our fine city. I immediately grabbed my wife, threw on my North Face hikers and started out. As we approached the T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge we just stood in awe at the beauty that surrounded us. The city skyline on the James at 8 in morning was breathtaking. After a few moments taking it all in it hit me, we were on a mission. The pack as per the hiders description was hidden under the corner of the center bench. As we approached the bench we noticed a man lying there sleeping with his head on a backpack. I immediately knew this was NOT the Master Ninja as he was wearing khaki pants and was of grand purportions (a BIG fella), nor the backpack I so coveted. I knew I had to mentally summon the stealth of a Shadow Warrior. I was as quiet as I could be. It was if I was walking on air. My heart was pounding. I was mere feet from the prize. As I reached out, inches from the corner of the bench he turned and looked at me... I just kept walking. He left about 10 minutes later. I grabbed the pack and went home. Happy day! Thanks for the hide and the adventure!

412 - Serenity near Richmond - Unmoving Saber

US-301, North Chesterfield, Bellwood, VA, US

Claimed by Flamingo Flyer 7 months 1 week ago (20h 57m 39s since publication)

I got it! Been watching and waiting. Traveled from NN to get it. Someone pulled up just as I was looking for the Ninja Wapiti. They were elusive. Made a dash for my quest and the other car pulled away. The drive was worth it to know about this place.

414 - Ninja Island - Phantom Flake

NE Nichols Blvd, Olympic East, Longview, WA, US

Claimed by seod42 8 months 6 days ago (1d 4h 39m 34s since publication)

I rescued this little Back pack from his hiding place on this amazing island. Thanks for bringing me here.

415 - Zen Ninja

S Alder St, Moses Lake, WA, US location_on N 47 07.609, W 119 16.372

The Japanese Peace Garden is a great place to obtain zen. Thus, Zen Ninja doesn't wish for anyone who may be enjoying the peacefulness of the garden to be disturbed; therefore, he has hidden his backpack outside the garden gates. You need only peer through the windows of the ishidoro, day or night, to find what you seek. However, if it is zen you seek, you'll need to visit between sunrise and sunset.