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005 - NINJA am Kurpark

Fürstenstraße, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, BY, DE location_on N 47 29.693, E 011 05.293

Bergwanden, Skifahren, Skispringen, relaxen, in diesem Ort ist alles möglich. Dieser Ninja hält sich für eine erholsame Pause unter einer Holzschindel an der Außenseite der Mauer vom Kurpark versteckt. Sieh genau hin, bevor du ihn vosichtig heraus ziehst. Hiking to the mounten, skiing, ski jumping, relax, everything is possible in this town. This ninja is hiding under a wooden shingle on the outside of the wall of the park. Look carefully before you pull it right out.

076 - Gone Bridge Casarza

Via Tangoni, Casarza Ligure, Liguria, IT location_on N 44 16.411, E 009 27.995

Where is the bridge ? Who needs a bridge when being a Ninja .... Use your skills to claim this one. Happy Hunting !

078 - The Box

Jeugdstraat, Hasselt, Flanders, BE location_on N 50 56.779, E 005 20.741

You are in front of the FrogfooT1 home. Do not worry ... Use your Ninja skills to claim this one... Happy Hunting !

163 - Watch Out for Those Shoppers

N Main St, McAllen, TX, US location_on N 26 16.379, W 098 13.327

There are shoppers galore roaming all over the place. I have never seen anything like this. They must be hoarders coming out of the doors with pallets full of stuff! I will hide here for a while and watch the comings and goings. Right now I am hiding behind this place staying out of the way of this orgy. Maybe someone will come and rescue me from this mayhem!

226 - Cerro San Cristobal Ninja

Av. Pedro Bannen, Recoleta, Santiago Metropolitan Region, CL location_on S 33 25.562, W 070 38.047

The Ninja Master took the Funicular up to survey the area in preparation for battle. The Backpack is in the local cache .... magnetically attached to a sign

355 - Fly me to a Mega

Miller Rd, Cloverdale, WA, AU location_on S 31 56.007, E 115 57.610

Terminal 4 Qantas entry Behind the metal box mounted to the wall Top left corner

415 - Zen Ninja

S Alder St, Moses Lake, WA, US location_on N 47 07.609, W 119 16.372

The Japanese Peace Garden is a great place to obtain zen. Thus, Zen Ninja doesn't wish for anyone who may be enjoying the peacefulness of the garden to be disturbed; therefore, he has hidden his backpack outside the garden gates. You need only peer through the windows of the ishidoro, day or night, to find what you seek. However, if it is zen you seek, you'll need to visit between sunrise and sunset.