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The game is over. Thank you for playing!

You have gone through the rigors if being a Ninja Apprentice and survived. Now, get ready to compete with... the Master Ninjas.

Find one of the Master Ninja Backpacks hidden around the world and re-unite it with an awesome ninja geocoin (designed by Trevor Van Meter). In the process you will discover your True Ninja Name.

Stay alert - and set an alert - because the Ninja Backpacks may appear at any time and anywhere in the world. Join our Facebook Group for game updates and announcements and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter.

Urban Ninja Ninja Pack

Redemption rules: One coin per household; please do not grab more than one; No family members of hiders please, you got your Ninja in the hider packet. Shipping charges apply. As a courtesy to other finders, please claim as soon as you have found the tag. Once you find a tag, claim it following instructions on the back.