Finders Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

The object of each game is to get to a location with a hidden small tag and grab it before anyone else. Most tags can be redeemed for a game-specific prize.

Our games page has a list of games in progress as well as any upcoming games. New games are added all the time.

How can I get find out when a new tag is published?

To send you notifications we need your e-mail address. Please sign up. It's a quick process, we promise! If you already signed up, you can click here to configure your notifications.

I found a tag! Now what?

Congratulations! Go to the web address on the back of the tag and enter the claim code which looks like "123-ABC". This marks the tag as claimed and notifies other players.

How do I redeem the tag for a prize?

Prizes and redemption rules vary by game. When you claim a tag there will be instructions on the confirmation page.

Can I claim more than one tag?

No. To give more people a chance to win we ask that each player claims only one tag per game. Don't worry there will be other games!

What should I do if I can't find a tag?

It's possible that another player got here first or the tag has gone missing. Please go to the tag listing page and click the "Not There" button to mark it missing.

Can I give my tag to someone else to redeem on my behalf?

It depends on the redemption rules for the particular game.

How can I become a hider?

Hider opportunities come up from time to time. Reach out to us and inquire.

What are Badges?

A badge is a piece of virtual flare to add to your profile. You earn one by finding a code word or phrase and entering it on your profile page. Try the code "CLAIMAPRIZE" to get your first badge. There are many codes hidden in various game and social media content. Look around and ask around in the Facebook community group.

How can I run my own Snag the Tag game?

Excellent question! We can work with you to create a custom game. Please contact us for details.